How To Enter & Leave Camp in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Heading into camp now and then is a great way for your characters to rest up, store their items, and for you to change the members of your party.

While this feature is introduced early in the game, some players have gotten stuck when it comes to resuming their adventures.

This is because leaving camp has not been one of the most noticeable features in the game and can have you thinking for some time about how to get out.

Leaving Camp in BG3

How To Leave Your Camp Area?

Your camp will be different depending on where you are but leaving it is as simple as clicking a button on your screen.

This can be found in the bottom right (campfire icon) and once you click the icon, you may choose to do a Short Rest, Long Rest, or Leave Camp.

Selecting Leave Camp will bring you and your party back to where you were before you went there, allowing you to continue.

How To Enter Camp?Entering Camp in BG3

Entering your Camp is the same as leaving it and you will need to select the campfire icon to open the small menu.

Choose the last option (Go to Camp) and you will instantly be brought to your camp if you are not in a battle or an invalid location.

This is often used to restore characters’ health and abilities during your quests or when you want to swap members of your party.

Why Can’t You Leave Camp?

If you do not have the option to leave your camp, there will most likely be a character that you need to interact with before you do this.

Certain quests will require you to rest in your camp before you can proceed, which can be done by clicking on one of the bedrolls and choosing to rest.

Once you have rested or completed any actions needed in the camp, the Leave Camp icon will no longer be unavailable. (Greyed Out)

Why Can’t You Enter Camp?

Should you be unable to enter your camp, this may be because there is a pending action that needs to be taken or you may be under attack.

Heading to your camp requires that you are not in a battle, and this will make the option available once you are in a safe area.

To make the most of a camp, it’s best to make sure you have enough supplies so that you can rest in them.


Camps are one of the best features in the game since they allow you to heal your character and give you time to plan.

Not only can you leave your camp, but you can also teleport out of them by selecting an Ancient Sigil Circle after opening your map.

It is best to clear out enemies and bring back what you want to store before heading to your camp to make things less of a hassle.

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