BG3 Party Members (How to Invite, Remove & Open Slots)

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to travel with different companions and some will be favorable or more useful in certain situations.

It’s a good thing that you can change party members whenever you want and this can be done by heading to your camp and talking to your companions.

This does not have any negative effect and you can always switch them back whenever you find it necessary to do so.

Camp in Baldur's Gate

How To Open Party Member Slots?

Recruiting companions will eventually fill up your slots and you will not be able to invite other companions until a slot is available.

The maximum number of characters in a party is 4, which includes you and 3 other companions that will travel together.

To remove a member from the party and have them wait at camp until needed again, you can speak to them while in camp and tell them to stay behind. (Dialogues will be different for everyone)

How To Remove Party Member?Removing a party member by interacting with them

To remove a member from your party, head to the companion that is in your party and interact with them to begin a dialogue.

Change the topic or continue speaking with them until the option to tell them to wait or stay behind becomes available.

Each companion will have their reaction but this does not affect the story much and after speaking with them, they will be removed from your party.

How To Invite Party Members?Inviting a companion as your party member

To invite a companion to join your party, you will need to make sure that a slot is available and this requires removing someone by talking to them.

Once a slot is available for a companion to join you, speak with them in camp and there will be an option in the dialogue if they are available.

If there are companions that cannot be recruited, you will need to progress more in the game or speak with them to get them to join your party.


Baldur’s Gate 3 limits you to having a party of 3 companions join your party, making it essential to make sure you have a group that can work together.

Choosing the right companions can determine whether you will succeed in battles or if you have a hard time fighting the enemies that come your way.

It is best to have a party that functions well and including a companion that can support the group can make a huge difference in a fight.

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