BG3: How To Cast and Throw Produce Flame

Produce Flame is one of the many Cantrips that characters may learn once they have leveled up or have been given the ability to use this spell.

The spell does exactly what it is called, which is to create a flame that can be wielded by its conjurer to be used for exploration or combat.

Creating your flame that follows you around does have its uses but depending on the situation, you can always have it ready for when an emergency is at hand.

Produce Flame bg3

How To Get Produce Flame?

Produce Flame is a Cantrip skill from the Conjuration School, which may be learned by Clerics or Druids once they level up.

This can be learned by selecting it when the choice of adding a Cantrip becomes available and equipping it later from your spellbook.

How To Cast Produce Flame?

To cast the Produce Flame spell, you will need to select the Cleric or Druid with the spell and activate it, which allows you to target or confirm the spell.

Once you confirm casting the spell, the flame will be created and will remain on your character until it is extinguished, thrown or a Long Rest has taken place.

How To Throw Produce Flame?Throwing produce flame

Throwing the flame becomes available once you have cast the spell as there will be an option in the last section of your hotbar. (Where you usually select items)

There will be an option called “Produce Flame: Hurl” available, which is almost the same as casting a weaker version of Fire Bolt, but this will remove the flame.

Produce Flame Effectseffects of using produce flame

With Produce Flame active, your character will have better vision in darker areas as this provides them with light, making it easier to reveal hidden items or hit enemies in the dark.

Since throwing the flame is like a Fire Bolt, this also creates reactions such as explosions when you target gunpowder or oil that is spilled on the ground.


Players who do not have a source of fire damage can always resort to Produce Flame if they ever need one at the right moment.

While this is meant to be a utility spell more than an offensive one, it works just as well and may be used multiple times, but it does have a limit.

When active, the flame that follows its caster is blue, but this turns the normal Fire Bolt color when it is thrown at an enemy or location.

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