How to Revive Characters: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

There are times in the game when a character just can’t take it anymore and they end up getting killed in battle or due to certain events that happen.

This is not the end of the line for them though because there are options available that will allow you to revive the slain character so you can continue journeying together.

Most of the time, these characters can be brought back from the dead but certain characters or events may prevent this.

Reviving Characters in Baldur's Gate 3

Dead and Downed Difference

The difference between being dead and being downed is that downed characters may still be healed and helped back up once they are on the verge of dying.

Characters who have been killed can no longer be helped back up and will be greyed out in your party, requiring that they are revived to live again.

When a character is downed, they can still fight if you help them back up and heal but if they have been killed, you may be in a tight situation in a battle and may not be able to revive them easily.

How to Revive Characters?

To revive a dead character, you will need to have one of the available methods to bring them back to life, which are the following:

1) Scroll of Revivify

Characters will often start with a Scroll of Revivify, which will allow you to revive a character that you target, bringing them back from the dead.

This item can be obtained as loot or later purchased from certain merchants who have it amongst their wares at the cost of Gold or other valuable items.

2) Cast Revivify

Using a Wizard or any character that can learn the Revivify Spell will be able to cast this on a dead companion, but this can’t be used often unless you do a Long Rest.

Just like the Scroll of Revivify, you will need to target the slain companion and use the spell to resurrect them where they were killed or if you transported the body.

3) Visit Withers

As you progress through the game, you will notice an undead person named Withers appears at your camp, who is powerful in his way.

One of the services that he provides is reviving dead characters, but this will of course come at a cost, which is 200 Gold.

Saving Throws

When a character takes enough damage that will end up killing them, there is a certain chance (Based on a 20-side die being rolled) that they will survive with 1 health.

This may result in the character being downed but they can still be healed and helped up, but this also leaves them vulnerable as enemies may attempt to finish them off.

It’s best to heal characters who have been lucky enough to get a Saving Throw and reposition them as soon as you can in a battle. (You can safely help them up when out of combat)

How To Transport Bodies?

When a character has died and you don’t want to leave them out in the open, you can always pick up their dead body and bring it back to camp.

You can later revive them once you have the items you need or by speaking to Withers to revive the dead character at your camp.

Keep in mind that this bears a lot of weight, which makes it best if you send your items to camp first or transfer them to another character.


Losing a companion can be game-changing in a bad way but the ability to resurrect them makes the game all the better so you don’t permanently lose them.

If you can finish a battle even when one of your characters has died, it is best to revive them after the fight to avoid being a sitting duck.

Scroll of Revivify and Casting Revivify is almost the same, with Scroll of Revivify being the more common as any character can use it.

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