BG3: How To Get and Use Second Marriage

With all the types of characters you could create, you might have hoped to be able to become a necromancer of some sort but there isn’t an option in the game.

While there are poisonous spells that can be used and much more, you also can summon your very own zombie, but this will make a certain someone upset.

This can be done with the Second Marriage, a wand that you can obtain while trying to save a certain damsel in distress from Auntie Ethel.

Second Marriage (A wand) bg3

How To Get Second Marriage?Mayrina with her husband Connor

The Second Marriage is obtained after using the Bitter Divorce (a wand of the same type) on the body of Connor, who happens to be Mayrina’s husband.

This of course requires you to take part in the Save Mayrina quest and will ultimately upset her in the end as she was expecting her lover to be resurrected but she gets a zombie instead.

To keep the Second Marriage wand, you will be denying Mayrina the ability to keep the now zombified Connor as his master is whoever holds the wand.

Once you get the Bitter Divorce wand, head through the Mushroom Circle to teleport outside of Auntie Ethel’s teahouse and a scene will begin where you can resurrect Connor.

Where To Get Bitter Divorce?Obtaining Bitter Divorce

During the quest called Save Mayrina, you will have to find her in Auntie Ethel’s lair, which later results in a fight between your party and the evil hag.

Regardless if you finished her off in her teahouse or went through a more troublesome battle within her lair, you will later be able to access the Acrid Workshop.

It is here that you will find the Bitter Divorce on a table, which was meant to resurrect Mayrina’s lover Connor.

How To Use Second Marriage?Using second marriage

Second Marriage can be used at any time but during a fight, this may require additional resources, which makes it best to use it out of battle.

To use the wand, select it from your inventory or the hotbar and choose where to spawn Connor and he will appear. (Keep in mind that the wand has no charges and can be used whenever you want)

Connor will spawn and will be useful in battle or can be used as bait when it comes to checking for traps and other uses that you would have for a walking decoy. (He can fight too!)


Having a pet zombie can probably be fun but Connor will always remain smelly and can easily be taken out by stronger enemies.

You may decide otherwise about keeping Connor as the results will have Mayrina severely shattered after she went through so much to bring him back.

If you decide not to keep Connor, you won’t be able to keep the Second Marriage but this gives Mayrina a chance to bring her lover to Baldur’s Gate to see if someone can help.

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