How To Reach The Underdark in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

If you have been following the story of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will already have heard about the Underdark and you will head to go through this dangerous area.

The thing is, entering the Underdark is not as simple as strolling through a door that you spot in an instant but instead, you need to find one of its many entrances.

Luckily, regardless of which path you choose or if you stick with the main story or pause to go adventuring, you are bound to find one of the ways into it.

The Underdark BG3

Ways to Get into The Underdark

1) Blighted Village (Building With Shabby Wooden Doors)

While this does not lead you straight into the Underdark, it leads you to the Whispering Depths, which is a path that allows you to reach it.

You can find a building to the left just as you enter the Blighted Village which is locked and you can either pick the lock, destroy the door, or go around to enter the building.

There will be a hole inside of the building that you can burn using fire, which will then allow you to jump down into the Whispering Depths.

From here, you can travel the Whispering Depths until you reach a chasm (mentioned in the method below) that you can jump into. (Use Feather Fall first!)

2) Whispering Depths (Through The Well)

The Whispering Depths is a cave that you can explore by entering the well in the Blighted Village, but this is considered a one-way trip to the Underdark.

Head into the well and you will be in a cave that has spiders that has a huge chasm, which has a greenish glow as it goes deeper down.

To get to the Underdark from here, you will need to jump down but this can’t be done without the Feather Fall spell as the drop will kill you.

You will need a character that may cast Feather Fall (this affects the whole party) and may jump down to reach a part of the Underdark safely.

3) Goblin Camp (Shattered Sanctum)

One of the paths that lead you to the Underdark lies within the Shattered Sanctum, which can be found in the Goblin Camp.

You will need to make your way to the Defiled Temple, which can be done by unlocking the door or by speaking to Priestess Gut.

Once you get into the Defiled Temple, make your way towards the moon puzzle, and solve it as shown in the image above.

This will lead you to a ladder that will bring you down to the Selunite Outpost, which is also in the Underdark.

4) Sunlit Wetlands

If you head into the Sunlit Wetlands, you will discover two brothers who are interrogating a witch named Auntie Ethel and this leads to a new quest but there is something else along the way.

Eventually, if you pursue Auntie Ethel, you will find her Teahouse and she won’t be as hostile towards you at first, allowing you to explore.

If you head to the second floor of her teahouse and wait for the right moment, you can grab the Teahouse Key and exit through the back door.

This will allow you to travel behind the teahouse to discover a Mushroom Circle, which is a shortcut to the Underdark.

5) Waukeen’s Rest

Waukeen’s Rest is a village that you find if you are heading along the Risen Road, which has recently been attacked.

You will find that several NPCs have been killed here, including goblins and the villagers who lived in the area.

If you head to the very northwest of the village, there will be a building that has a hatch that leads to a Zhentarim Basement

Before you can get through the hatch, you will need to pass a skill check with a man named Salazon, or else he will blow the place up. (Best to do a quick save before entering)

Once you enter the Zhentarim Basement, you will meet a group of mercenaries that go by the name Zhentarim who you may befriend or fight.

There will be a hidden passage (walk through it) in the wall near the wolves that leads to an elevator and this can be taken to the Underdark if you get the key or lockpick the winch.


By the time you need to go to the Underdark, you may have already progressed enough so that your character can handle the dangers.

Not all paths are easy, which may require that your character has gained a couple of levels, or you have a good amount of gear.

Traveling via the Blighted Village and Goblin Camp are some of the easiest ways to get to the Underdark, especially since you can discover them while doing quests.

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