Cyberpunk 2077 Treating Symptoms Walkthrough

A client named Indira Barazza has fallen victim to blackmail by the Voodoo Boys’ and they have given her a serious threat.

There is a specific Voodoo Boy named Milko Alexis who has threatened to hack her lungs, which will result in her choking to death.

You have been instructed to help the client out by finding Milko Alexis at the Luxury High Wellness Spa and eliminating him.

Tracking job in Treating Symptoms Gig

How To Get Treating Symptoms?

You can find the Treating Symptoms gig at the building south of the EBM Petrochem Stadium located at the Voodoo Boys base in Luxor High Wellness Spa.

Once you reach the building, Mr. Hands will talk with you about his client, who seems to have been receiving threats lately.

Treating Symptoms Walkthrough

The first thing you will need to do is head into the base and fight your way past the Voodoo Boys by utilizing stealth or attack head-on.

This can be done by heading inside by the front of the building or by heading to the side where a gate is opened but there will be cameras.

Once you make your way inside, you will need to go up a set of stairs, take a left, and then turn right to reach a door that leads to a robotics room.

There will be multiple robots in the room and you will need to keep your focus on the Robot R MK.2, which is the first robot to attack you.

The rest of the robots will slowly begin to power on and join the fight but once you defeat their leader, they will all power down.

After defeating the leader robot, you can loot him to get the Ogou Iconic Smart Pistol and continue making your way through the newly opened door.

Continue making your way to the very end and you will see Milko Alexis, who is currently in a connection with a netrunner named Alan Noel.

Alan Noel explains that killing Alexis will not do much as someone will take his place and you are given the option to kill them or to let the netrunner continue.

The best option here is to let Alan Noel continue as this will later ensure the safety of your client and get you extra Credits later.

Treating Symptoms Rewards

After you and Myers defeat the Chimera, the Treating Symptoms Gig will be complete, which begins the Lucretia My Reflection Gig next.

You will receive the following rewards for completing Treating Symptoms:

  • 8000 Credits
  • 932 Experience Points
  • 167 Street Cred


It seems that even those who are safe from a distance can always be at risk if an experienced runner is on the loose in the digital world.

Killing Milko would not have solved the problem as another runner will always be assigned to a group, which would require the need for another person to save the client.

By letting Alan Noel continue, you not only secure the future of the client but also create new opportunities between Mr. Hands and certain partners.

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