Cyberpunk 2077 Rosco Iconic Revolver (How to Get & Location)

Taking down the bad guys in style is easily done if you have the right weapons and Rosco makes enemies stagger and drop to be executed.

Rosco is an Iconic Revolver that can be obtained in the gain that has a special perk that allows it to neutralize enemies with precise shots.

Not only does this weapon deal a large amount of damage but it is also great for making enemies drop to the ground, leaving them vulnerable.

Rosco Iconic Revolver Cyberpunk 2077

How To Get Rosco?Dodger a man to whom Rosco Iconic Revolver belongs

Rosco belongs to a man named Dodger, who you will encounter in the Waiting for Dodger Gig but this is only obtainable if you kill him.

During the Waiting for Dodger Gig, you will have the option to attack or talk your way out of trouble, which does not have much of a difference in the story.

It is better to kill Dodger, whether you do it instantly when he arrives, during the confrontation, or even after the Gig has been completed to loot Rosco off his body.

Where To Get Rosco?Rosco location map

The Waiting for Dodger Gig can be found near the Grand Imperial Mall, which is around the western part of Dogtown.

Starting the quest will require that you travel a bit, but this is not too far and all you need to do is walk across the street to get things going.

Once you have reached the part where you have helped 2 crooked cops escape, Dodger will appear, and you can decide how to kill him if you want his revolver.

Rosco StatsRosco revolver Stats

We obtained Rosco at Level 22 at the end of the Waiting on Dodger Gig, where we decided to kill him after everything played out smoothly after talking out of trouble.

Rosco can neutralize enemies by first shooting an enemy in the leg, which will often make enemies fall to the ground, and by shooting them in the head. (Almost all enemies die from this)

Dropping an enemy and shooting them will grant you style points while any headshots to an enemy that is lying on the ground will be a guaranteed critical hit.

Additionally, the Rosco has the following perks:

  • 150% Headshot Damage Multiplier
  • 25% Armor Penetration
  • 50% Critical Damage

The following are the stats of the Rosco Iconic Power Revolver:



Attack Speed



Reload Speed

Effective Range


Weapon Handling



Rosco is a badass weapon no doubt, especially since its combo is simple as you just shoot an enemy to drop them to the ground and finish them off with a headshot.

Keep in mind that Rosco has a high increase in headshot damage and thanks to its perk, any enemies you shoot lying on the ground will be guaranteed to score a critical hit.

This revolver is pretty much an executioner for enemies who are unlucky enough to get shot in the foot or leg, which leads to a bullet in the head.

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