How To Detect & Disarm Traps in Cyberpunk 2077

Traps can be a huge problem if you are running around or sneaking and accidentally run into them as these can get you killed or reveal your position.

Certain areas in the game have traps set up that you can trigger if you meet them, but these problems can be avoided and even removed.

You can disarm traps if you can get up close to them and this is useful for when you are infiltrating a certain area and want to be stealthy.

Traps in Cyberpunk 2077

How To Detect Traps?Detecting Traps

Traps can be found in two ways, where the most obvious way is if you notice a laser or trigger just before you reach it, and if you are lucky enough you can stop before triggering it.

Another way is to scan an area and the traps in your line of sight will be marked by icons that look like an explosion, meaning they are a trap.

These are often noticeable from afar but it’s good to do a scan of the area before rushing into it to avoid being taken by surprise.

How To Disarm Traps?Disarming Traps

To disarm a trap, you will need to carefully approach it until the option to disarm it appears, allowing you to permanently disable it.

Aside from disarming a trap by approaching it from up close, there are multiple options to mess with a trap if you are scanning it.

While scanning a trap, you can choose to activate Friendly Mode to make it ignore you, Initiate Overload to cause it to trigger, or disarm it to disable it.

What Happens to Disarmed Traps?

Disarmed traps cannot be looted but they do provide you with additional Engineer Experience, which will allow you to level up the skill.

Even if a trap has been disarmed, you can still trigger it or interact with it to cause a bit of mayhem if you plan on using it against your enemies.

If you want to level up your Engineer Skill, disarming traps often is a good way to do this as they give a good amount of experience.


Turning traps into friendly ones can be useful if you lure enemies to them, turning their traps against them to give you an advantage.

If there are multiple traps in an area or some that are too difficult to approach, you can always use your scanner, provided you have enough RAM.

Enemies will often rush over if you trigger a trap, which makes avoiding them or disarming an important action to do if you are sneaking around.

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