Cyberpunk 2077 Hole in The Sky Walkthrough

The Space Force One has been shot down and you have just made your way down a chute when Songbird suddenly contacts you.

President Rosalind Myers is nowhere to be found as Songbird escaped, leaving you heading to the site to see who is still alive.

You will need to find a way to get to the crash site without getting killed along the way to see if the president is safe and extract her if possible.

Going to the crash site in Hole in The Sky quest

How To Get Hole in The Sky?

Hole in The Sky begins right after you jump down the chute at the top of the construction site following the crash of the Space Force One.

After jumping down the chute, Songbird gets in touch with you about the situation, which leads to you rushing to save the president.

Hole in The Sky WalkthroughGoing to the Crane

After Songbird contacts you, head towards the crane by fighting your way past the area full of guards or by sneaking through the side.

You will be heading for the crane and there will be multiple paths you can take, which is straight through the blocked area or sneaking around from the left.

Sneaking from the left side will be much easier and you will run into fewer enemies, who you can either kill or get by undetected.

Going to the Wreckage

Once you reach the crane, you will be instructed by Songbird to proceed and this requires that you go to the wreckage, which is past enemies but you will have backup too.

There will be reinforcements from both sides, which will give you enough time to sneak around or fight your way through the other enemies.

Continue fighting your way through the enemies until you find the Space Force One, which you will later need to search for traces of the president and other survivors.

Going to the Wreckage

As you enter the crashed ship, you will notice that there are no survivors but will need to keep moving toward the end.

Interacting with the door at the end will reveal the president is alive, who attacks you but will later let you live as long as you respond to her.

The two of you are attacked, which ends with you waking up to see Myers fighting off a group of enemies that you will need to help defeat.

Hole in The Sky Rewards

Defeating all of the attackers will complete the Hole In The Sky job, which allows you to continue with the next job called Spider and the Fly.

You will receive the following rewards for completing Hole In The Sky:

  • 100 Street Cred


Reaching the crash site may have been a bit tricky but defending the president was quite the challenge and you handled it well.

The thing is, it is not yet safe and you will need to personally extract President Rosalind Myers out of there as soon as possible.

Songbird has marked a safe house for the two of you to lie low in but getting there is your first step to ensuring the president’s safety.

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