Cyberpunk 2077 Dog Eat Dog Walkthrough

Dog Eat Dog is the Job (quest) when you begin Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, which begins with you peacefully reading a book until an unknown caller contacts you.

The unknown caller identifies herself as So Mi, with the alias Songbird, who instructs you to head to Dogtown to give you answers to your questions.

You will need to head over to the border of Dogtown, where Songbird will be waiting for you, which begins your venture into the Phantom Liberty story.

Dog Eat Dog job (Quest)

How To Get Dog Eat Dog Job?

Dog Eat Dog begins when Songbird contacts you sometime after Act 2 or you can start Phantom Liberty by creating a new game and selecting to skip ahead to the DLC.

Skipping ahead will provide you with prebuilt stats and a set of weapons without any other progression, which allows you to continue with the base game later.

Dog Eat Dog Walkthroughheading to the Dogtown Border by vehicle

Starting with the DLC, you will be contacted by Songbird who will instruct you to head to the Dogtown Border, which will be marked on your map by a waypoint.

You can grab a nearby vehicle and make your way there and once you reach the entrance, head to the alley on your right and you will experience a malfunction.

Songbird will tell you before giving you Relic Points that you can use for your new Relic Attribute (Introduced in Phantom Liberty)

interacting with the metal sheet in a garage

Your next destination will be through a dumpster that will be marked by a waypoint after speaking with Songbird and this will lead you into a garage.

Sneak past the guards or kill them to make your way inside and interact with the metal sheet so you can head down to an elevator.

The elevator needs to be powered and the access point will be in the room near you after you have jumped down.

interacting with a generator to power it in a garage

The access point will be unpowered, and you will need to head to the end of the room to interact with a generator to power it.

Once powered, interact with the access point and you will be able to take the elevator nearby to the next area and ride another one that Songbird activates.

The second elevator leads you to the underground car park and from here, your next destination is the catwalk which you will reach by making your way by climbing and jumping.

reached the construction site

Once you reach the catwalk, Songbird will appear again and will then lead you through a hall that later leads you through another garage.

Continue making your way through the garage until you reach the market, which you will need to go through to reach a construction site.

Songbird will appear and talk to you before you can continue to an elevator marked by a waypoint that will take you to the site.

restoring the power of an elevator

Once you reach the area, Songbird will call down an elevator, but it will malfunction and this will require that you interact with the fuse box nearby to restore power.

Head back to the elevator and ride it to the top where Songbird will be waiting, and you will see their ship arriving at Dogtown.

Unfortunately, the ship is shot down, and the ship crashes, which requires you to jump down a chute to rush towards it, which concludes the Phantom Liberty introduction.

Dog Eat Dog Rewards

After you have jumped down the chute, the Dog Eat Dog job will be complete, which begins the Hole in the Sky job next.

You will receive the following rewards for completing Dog Eat Dog:

  • 888 Experience Points
  • 130 Street Cred


With the Relic acting as a ticking time bomb to end your life, a mysterious caller named Songbird has offered you a cure but it comes at a cost.

President Rosalind Myers and Songbird were aboard the Space Force One, which had been hacked to land in Dogtown and has now been shot down.

You will need to make your way to the crash site to see if Songbird and the president are alive to save them if you can make it in time.

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