How To Do Stealth Kills in Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 lets you play through the game in different ways, which can sometimes affect how difficult or easy things may be as you get through crowded areas.

One of the features of the game is stealth, which allows you to sneak around and even kill enemies without alerting their buddies, which are stealth kills.

With the ability to do stealth kills, you can easily dispatch enemies, saving you the time of having to barrage a group with bullets when you are outnumbered.

What Are Stealth Kills?

Stealth kills are considered ways to take down enemies without alerting those nearby but there are only a few ways you can do this in the game.

Unlike in other games, stealth kills can be done by approaching an enemy with a melee weapon and killing them on the spot, but things are a bit different in Cyberpunk.

A successful stealth kill will allow you to dispatch an enemy and move one without grabbing the attention of others, which allows you to take out an area one by one safely.

How To Do Stealth Kills?

To perform a stealth kill, you will need to approach an enemy that is unaware of your presence, and this will make the option to grab them appear.

Interact with the enemy and this will put them in a chokehold, which will give you the option to kill the enemy silently or to do a non-lethal takedown.

Non-lethal takedowns will make an enemy very vulnerable (possible to kill with a single shot), but this does not matter in the game, making it best just to kill them.

Hiding Bodies

Whether you have killed an enemy or have picked up a body, you can always put these in certain containers to prevent them from being discovered by your enemies.

This is a great way to make sure you don’t get caught when infiltrating and can be done by bringing the body to a container and interacting with it.

If you decide to place an unconscious enemy inside of a container, this will be considered lethal, and they will be dead once you place them inside.

If you grab an enemy and drag them to a container, killing them will automatically place them in a container to hide the body right away.

Melee Weapon Stealth Kills

Unfortunately, it does not matter what weapon you are holding or if it has been holstered as approaching an enemy from behind will always result in a grab.

While it would be cool to take out an enemy with whatever melee weapon you have, no melee weapon stealth kills seem to be available for now.

Some players have gone ahead and looked for melee stealth kill mods, which should allow you to do certain animations with the weapon you have but this seems to be still in progress.

Ranged Stealth Kills

While not considered a stealth kill by some, you can kill enemies from a distance with the right customization of a weapon. (Some weapons do extra headshot damage)

You can equip a ranged weapon with a suppressor to reduce the noise of your shots and scope to get enemies from a further distance.

Killing an enemy with a single shot without any other enemies and seeing what happens will allow you to go about undetected. (Until someone stumbles upon the body)


The purpose of stealth kills is to make it easier to get around and avoid a full-on confrontation with a group that may overpower you.

This is also a good way of getting past certain parts of the game without going through the trouble of having longer battles before you finish your objectives.

While non-lethal killing may seem like something to make things less violent, there is no difference between killing enemies and knocking them out.

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