Cyberpunk 2077 Spider And The Fly Walkthrough

Upon reaching the crash site, you got your back handed to you by Myers but luckily she realized you were on your side before she blew your head off.

The two of you have managed to fight off an entire force of enemies and now need to make your way off of the ship to a safe house.

The trip may not be as easy since the whole area is crawling with enemies who are relentlessly searching for you and Myers.

Lead Myers to safety in Spider and the Fly

How To Get Spider And The Fly?

The Spider And Fly job becomes available after the completion of the Hole In The Sky job, where you previously made your way to the crash site.

You and Myers defended yourselves against oncoming enemies and will now be escaping before more arrive.

Spider And The Fly Walkthrough

After previously taking out a large number of enemies, you and Myers are to make your way out of the area through the back of the crashed ship.

Continue following the waypoint as it leads you to a safer part of the building but eventually, drones appear and are searching.

Myers will stop and have you remove a tracker that has been placed inside her neck before the two of you make your way to an elevator.

The elevator will not work and even Songbird is unable to fix the problem, which leads you to heading back through the door and down to the side to search for the generator.

Head back down opposite the elevator and make a turn to the left to go down a ladder that leads you on a path to the fusebox. (follow the waypoint)

Once the elevator is running again, use the elevator to reach the restaurant, where the two of you need to distract a drone.

You and Myers will need to sneak into the kitchen, where an access point can be found and interacted with to allow her to distract the drone.


Continue making your way towards the next waypoint and you will eventually find yourself at a lobby, which is full of enemies.

From here you can decide to go in guns blazing or to stealthily take out the enemies and there will also be an additional option to steal the vehicle at the entrance.

The rest of the journey is a bit easy if you can manage to get past the patrol vehicles but if you can’t, there is always the option to defeat them.

You will need to make your way toward the waypoint but will only be able to enter the next area if you are not being followed by enemies.

Once you are clear, head inside, and the two of you will be walking through an Expo Hall that you pass through to reach the other side.

As you make your way out, enemies will appear and begin to close in on your position but Songbird will activate a robot called the Chimera, which clears them out.

All of a sudden, Songbird loses control and disappears, leaving you and Myers to fight the Chimera on your own after a short chase.

With you and Myers targeting the Chimera’s weak spots (orange glowing parts), it is taken down and you end up pulling out its core and replacing it with a grenade.

Spider And The Fly Rewards

After you and Myers defeat the Chimera, the Spider and the Fly job will be complete, which begins the Lucretia My Reflection job next.

You will receive the following rewards for completing Spider And The Fly:

  • 144 Experience Points


It seems that your enemies are desperately trying to grab Myers but she is lucky that you are on her side during these disastrous events.

The two of you have just taken out a powerful experimental robot, which for some reason Songbird lost control of recently.

You and Myers need to keep going and whatever plans there are will be best followed until you get to the marked safe house.

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