How To Unlock & Use Luck of The Far Realms: Baldur’s Gate 3

Critical Strikes can be a huge game-changer when they occur in certain fights, and these can help your character deal a fatal blow to almost any enemy.

These often occur by chance and are based on your stats and some abilities but thanks to your Illithid Powers, you can force an attack into a Critical Strike.

This can be done with Luck of the Far Realms Passive Feature, which is available from your Illithid Power upgrades.

Luck of The Far Realms Baldur's Gate 3

How To Unlock Luck of the Far Realms?Illithid Powers

To unlock Luck of the Far Realms, you will need to have access to your Illithid Powers, which becomes available later.

Once you have access, you will need to have at least 2 Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens to use, which will allow you to obtain Luck of the Far Realms.

You will need to first unlock “Favourable Beginnings”, which will allow you to unlock Luck of the Far Realms afterward. (2 specimens in total)

Luck of the Far Realms passive may only be learned by characters who wish to “consume” the parasites to gain Illithid Powers. (Some will reject this)

How To Use Luck of the Far Realms?Using the luck of The Far Realms

Once you have Luck of the Far Realms, this passive will be available automatically when you perform a successful attack roll.

Upon a successful attack roll, you will have the option to react with Luck of the Far Realms, which will result in you dealing a critical blow or doing nothing. (Or any other reactions you have)

Using Luck of the Far Realms is available only once per long rest that you perform, making it important to use it when necessary.

Whatever attack you are performing when Luck of the Far Realms appears will be affected, causing it to deal a critical hit instead of a normal one.


Luck of the Far Realms is guaranteed to be available from time to time and it’s best to use this when you need to deal a lot of damage.

If Luck of the Far Realms triggers and you don’t want to use it on a lesser enemy, you can always cancel it by selecting not to react.

Any character who is willing to embrace the Illithid Powers may learn Luck of the Far Realms, which can give multiple members the passive.

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