BG3 How To Get & Use Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen

When you first started Baldur’s Gate 3, you were infected with a Mind Flayer Parasite, which began to take its toll on you as you progressed through the game.

Later, you encounter your Guardian in a dream who indulges you to make use of the Illithid Powers that they provide as they will prevent the tadpoles from taking over you.

You soon obtain the ability to use Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens, which grants you various Illithid Powers that you may use.

Mind Flayer Parasite Baldur's Gate 3

How To Get Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen?

Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens may be obtained in various ways, which are often drops or rewards for speaking with certain NPCs in the game.

The following are some ways for you to obtain Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens:

  • Edowin’s Body (Between Blighted Village and Emerald Grove Environs)
  • Flint the Gnoll Warlord (Risen Road)
  • Minthara (Shattered Sanctum/Druid Grove)
  • High Priestess Gut (Shattered Sanctum/Druid Grove)
  • Dror Ragzlin (Shattered Sanctum/Druid Grove)
  • True Soul Nere (Grymforge)
  • Flaming Fist Marcus (Last Light Inn)
  • Disciple Z’rell and Linsella (Moonrise Tower)
  • Docked Ship (Moonrise Towers – Inside Barrel)
  • Mind Flayer Colony – (Inside Brine Pool)
  • Manip Edenosa (Lower City – Bloomridge Park)
  • Lower City (The Blushing Mermaid – On top of a wooden platform)
  • Lower City (Steel Watch Foundry – On top of a desk)

There may be more sources for Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens and this page may be updated in the future when more have been found.

How To Use Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen?Placing Mind Flayer Parasite in the inventory

To use a Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen, place it into the inventory of the character you want to give the parasite to.

Open the item’s menu and select “Consume”, which will provide you with Illithid Potential, which can be used to evolve certain parts of your mind.

Evolving parts of your mind provide you with Illithid Passive Features or Class Actions that you can use when fighting or exploring. 

Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen Disappeared

If you pick up a Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen and do not find it in your inventory, this could mean that you have automatically consumed it.

This will provide you with Illithid Potential and you can still use it to upgrade your Illithid abilities like how you would when using the item.

It may be possible that the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen may have been picked up by another character, so be sure to check their inventory.


While not all of your companions wish to give into the Illithid Powers, some may eventually be convinced but others will be hungry for such power.

Being able to upgrade your mind with the use of Illithid Potential is a great way to make your character stronger or to have something to use for a more tactical advantage.

Eventually, you should be able to pick up all or majority of the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens that you need as you continue to explore and do quests.

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