BG3 Dank Crypt Trap (Button, Stopping Traps & Engraved Keys)

During the earlier parts of Baldur’s Gate 3, if you stumble upon Overgrown Runs, there will be a dungeon called Dank Crypt that can be explored.

You may have a bit of trouble with some other characters as they will engage you unless you talk your way out of the fight.

Once you are inside, you eventually reach the Dank Crypt, which has a huge surprise for players who are not careful, mainly a room of flaming death.

Dank Sarcophagus Crypt Trap Room

Sarcophagus Room Traps

Once you are in the Dank Crypt, there will be a room that you enter that has an ancient door at the end with a large Sarcophagus in the middle.

Interacting with the Sarcophagus is supposed to give you an Engraved Key, which can be used to unlock the Heavy Oak Doors in the main room.

Unfortunately, attempting to open the Sarcophagus will cause the vents to release grease and gargoyle heads to shoot out flames.

How To Stop the Traps?Stopping the traps by activating the Turn-Based Mode

There are two ways to go about this as the moment you interact with the Sarcophagus, the traps will become activated.

The safest way is to move next to the Sarcophagus and activate Turn-Based Mode before interacting with the Sarcophagus and to press the button on the pillar afterward.

This will give you enough time to safely deactivate the traps before a fire can start coming out of the gargoyle heads, preventing you from taking damage.

Another way would be to quickly make your character press the button in normal mode but this can cause you to take a bit of damage.

Sarcophagus Button 

You will find that the button for the Sarcophagus is on the pillar across it and this can be activated at any time but will not take effect until the traps have been activated.

Pressing the button before interacting with the Sarcophagus will not do anything and will result in the traps still activating.

The only way to deactivate the traps using the button would be to quickly interact with them after you have triggered the traps.

How To Disable Traps?

Some would think that deactivating the traps before triggering them would be a good way to keep them safe but this can be time-consuming and requires a certain item.

To disable the traps, you will need Trap Disarm Toolkits and will have to interact with each of the traps that you want to disable.

Resorting to interacting with the Sarcophagus and pressing the nearby button quickly is the best way to deactivate the traps quickly in Time-Based Mode.


Once you have disarmed the traps, you can interact with the Sarcophagus again and this will allow you to obtain The Watcher’s Guide and an Engraved Key.

The Watcher’s Guide has the Death’s Promise passive, which grants True Strike when attacking a target that you had previously missed.

You will need the Engraved Key to continue venturing into the Dank Crypt as this unlocks the door opposite the Sarcophagus Trap Room.

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