Halsin (Location, Recruiting & Bear Scene) Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Halsin is a powerful druid and a potential companion that you must first find during Act 1 after you have spoken to Nettie.

It was initially said that he would be able to help you with the tadpole problem that the Mind Flayers had given you aboard the ship.

The only problem is that Halsin has been captured by goblins, making it important to find a way to rescue him before getting his help.

Halsin Companion in BG3

Who is Halsin?

Halsin is the first Druid of Druid Grove, making him the leading but he has been missing ever since Aradin’s Expedition.

As you learn about him from Nettie, it will be revealed that he may have wound up as a prisoner at the nearby Goblin Camp.

Knowing that he is at the Goblin Camp, you will need to search for him there and rescue him once you figure out a way to get inside.

How To Recruit Halsin?Entering the Goblin Camp

You will get the quest called “Rescue the Druid Halsin” while you are doing the “Find A Cure quest”, which has you taking up multiple paths to find out how to get rid of the parasite.

One of these quests will lead you to Nettie, who will speak to you about Halsin and this will set you off exploring the Goblin Camp.

You will need to enter the Goblin Camp by using skill checks or by fighting your way through until you make it to the Shattered Sanctum.

Once you are in the Shattered Sanctum, you will need to make your way toward the Worg Pens, which is where a Cave Bear (Halsin) is being kept and tortured.

From there on, you will need to speak to the goblins or attack them, which will cause the Cave Bear to join the fights and once this is over, he will return to his normal form.

Clearing out the enemies for Halsin

After helping Halsin, you may speak to him and after learning about what he knows, you ask him for help but he needs something in return.

He will ask you to clear out some of the enemies (Minthara, Dror Ragzlin, and Gut, who can all be found in the Shattered Sanctum.

Once this has been completed, Halsin will later wait for you at the Druids’ Grove and you may speak to him to get him to join you.

Halsin Bear SceneHalsin Bear Scene

The Halsin Bear Scene begins once you reach his cage and attempt to save him in the Worg Pens, which causes him to break down a gate.

This ends up killing one of the goblins and gives you an advantage as there will be a lot of them, which also means he fights alongside you.

It would be best to avoid attacking him during the fight and to focus on the goblins since he will not target you or the members of your party.

Halsin LocationShattered Sanctum dungeon location where halsin is

Begin by making your way to the Shattered Sanctum, which can be found at the end of the Goblin Camp heading north.

You will have to fight your way through the first group of enemies inside if you cannot pass the skill check but this will not alert the rest of the enemies in the Shattered Sanctum.

Continue by making your way to the Worg Pens, which can be found through a door at the northeast part of the Shattered Sanctum.

If no enemies are hostile towards you, they will not attack and you can roam about the area freely as you search for Halsin. 

the Worg Pen door where Halsin can be found

Upon entering the Worg Pen, you will find a group of goblins torturing a Cave Bear, which happens to be Halsin in his Bear Form.

Speaking to the goblins or attacking them can end up with you releasing Halsin and he will ask you to help him defeat the leaders in the Shattered Sanctum before meeting with you.

How To Recruit Halsin Into Your Party?

Later on you will be heading to the Shadow Cursed lands and Halsin will not yet be available to be invited to your party.

You will have to continue with the questline in order to unlock Halsin, which will be available some time later in Act 2.

After progressing into Act 2, there will be a certain objective which involves a person named Thaniel that later leads to Halsin becoming available.

Once the dialogue for inviting Halsin becomes available later on after the death of Thaniel, you will be able to add him to your party.

Halsin After The Expedition

Halsin went on an expedition but ended up getting captured alongside some of his allies, who were left to be tortured in the Scattered Sanctum.

During the expedition, Halsin transformed into a Cave Bear when fighting the goblins but was later captured and thought to be merely a beast.

It seems that Halsin kept his Bear Form to hide his true self and he was impressed that even if you were not sure it was him, you still helped a random bear.

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