Gale Location & How To Recruit Him in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

While searching around the Ravaged Beach for a healer who can help you remove the parasite implanted by the Mind Flayers, you run into an Ancient Sigil Circle.

This Ancient Sigil Circle appears to be different from one that you passed by earlier and it appears that someone is inside it.

This is where you meet Gale, a Human Wizard that is a potential companion who appears to have been stuck on the inside of the Ancient Sigil Circle.

Gale Companion in BG3

Who is Gale?

Gale of the Waterdeep is a Human Wizard who has a Sage background that was also abducted by Mind Flayers just like you and the others.

This wizard plans on becoming the greatest wizard that has ever been known to Faerun but some mistakes have been made along the way, which can lead to his demise.

He is a powerful spellcaster that can turn the tide of a battle and is quite handy when it comes to dealing with certain types of damage.

How To Find Gale?Ancient Sigil Circle

Gale can be found as soon as Act 1 begins, where you have found your way out of the crashed Nautiloid and have started searching for a cure.

Unlike the other companions, Gale is found inside an Ancient Sigil Circle as he appears to have been stuck inside after the crash.

To rescue Gale, you will need to interact with the unstable Ancient Sigil Circle, which causes Gale to reach out and call out for help.

You can help Gale by passing a Strength check, which causes you to pull him out of the Ancient Sigil Circle and a conversation between the two of you will begin.

After speaking about what has happened and noticing the similarity between the parasites, Gale gladly agrees to join you.

Gale LocationGale Location with map in Baldur's Gate 3

The Ancient Sigil Circle where Gale is stuck can be found at the Roadside Cliffs but this location is not introduced clearly until you save him.

You can find the Ancient Sigil Circle outside the middle entrance of the crashed Nautiloid heading northwest.

Nothing will happen once you reach the area and to start the cutscene where you help him, you will first need to interact with the Ancient Sigil Circle.

Gale After The Crash

Gale seems to have been stuck for some time in the Ancient Sigil Circle but thanks to you, he is finally out and is willing to join you.

Just like with the other companions that you meet, he also has a parasite inside of him and wants to find a way to get it out by traveling with you.

Aside from the parasite, it seems that because of his thirst for magic, he has caused a Netherese Destruction Orb to exist inside his chest, which can explode after some time.

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