BG3 Escape the Nautiloid Quest Walkthrough

You awaken in a ship called the Nautiloid after being abducted by Mind Flayers, who have inserted a strange parasite creature inside your head.

The Nautiloid was attacked by dragons mounted by unknown warriors, which eventually led to the ship nearing a crash.

You will need to find a way to get off the ship before it crashes by going through the areas that are accessible to you.

The Nautiloid attacked by the dragons

Escape the Nautiloid Objectives

1) Find a way off the Nautiloid

Mind Flayers have infected you with a parasite and the ship you are on is on its way to crash, which requires you to find a way to get off.

2) Reach the Helm

You meet a Githyanki named Lae’zel, who has joined up with you to escape by heading to the ship’s helm.

3) Connect the nerves of the transponder.

You were instructed by the mind flayer to connect the nerves of the transponder to escape the Hells.

4) Quest Completed!

We escaped the Hells on the Nautiloid.

Escape the Nautiloid WalkthroughOpen space which leads to the outside part of the Nautiloid in Baldur's Gate 3

Head into the next room and you will find an open space where you need to proceed further to the outside part of the nautiloid.

If you stop in the middle of the room and head towards the left, you will be able to find the body of a man named Myrnath who is under operation.

Interacting with the body can lead you to obtain a temporary companion called Us (Intellect Devourer) after some dialogue.

Obtaining us or continuing through the ship will eventually bring you to Lae’zel, who you can team up with to escape the ship.

Fighting with the imps

Eventually, the two of you will arrive at a room where there are imps that you will need to fight before you can proceed.

You can also loot the area to get items from the dead bodies in the area before making your way through another path outside of the ship.


In the next room, you will find a pod that has someone trapped inside, who is later to be revealed as Shadowheart. (Interacting with the pod will give you a quest called Rescue the Illithid’s Captive)

Commander Zhalk attacking a Mind Flayer

Regardless of whether you rescued Shadowheart or kept going, you will need to make your way to the Helm, which is where you will find Commander Zhalk attacking a Mind Flayer.

The Mind Flayer will tell you to connect the nerves of a transponder, which can be found at the end of the room and once you do this, the quest will be complete.

If you decide to stay back and fight Commander Zhalk, you can get some pretty good items, including an Everburn Blade or other loot.

Escape the Nautiloid Quest Rewards

There does not seem to be any rewards given when you complete this quest but there are a lot of items you can get during it.

You can temporarily unlock the Intellect Devourer known as us as well as the Half High-Elf Cleric Shadowheart to help you beat Commander Zhalk.

Going through most of the dead bodies for loot will get you a lot of items and defeating Commander Zhalk can provide you with more loot.


It appears that you were not the only one who had been abducted but all of you have been infected with the parasites by the Mind Flayers.

The ship continues to crash, and you lose your grip, causing you to fall from the ship and for some reason, you safely land.

With the ship down and you stranded in an unknown place, you are left to search for a way to remove the parasite before it is too late.

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