BG3 Rescue the IIIithid’s Captive Quest Walkthrough

As you make your way to find an escape route on a Nautiloid, you stumble across a pod with a person named Shadowheart inside.

Shadowheart asks for your help but Lae’zel insists on leaving the stranger behind, which leaves the decision up to you.

Rescuing Shadowheart will require a bit of exploring and after checking your surroundings, you should be able to get her out of the pod.

Rescue Illithid's Captive Baldur's Gate 3

Rescue the IIIithid’s Captive Objectives

1) Find a way to release the captive

You have encountered a survivor who has been kept inside one of the pods and may be able to find a way to free her.

After picking up an Eldritch Rune, it looks like you will now be able to rescue the half-elf that has been kept captive.

2) Talk to the half-elf

After opening the pod with the use of the Eldritch Rune, you may speak to her.

3) Quest Completed!

The survivor that you have freed has claimed that her name is Shadowheart and she has now decided to join you.

Rescue the IIIithid’s Captive WalkthroughInteracting with Dead Thrall to obtain Eldritch Rune

After speaking with Shadowheart (who is trapped in the pod), you will need to head to the room nearest to the pod instead of the one leading to the helm.

At the very end of the room will be a Dead Thrall, which you can interact with to obtain the Eldritch Rune from its inventory.

Head back to the pod that Shadowheart is kept inside of and interact with the console near it to begin rescuing her with skill checks and dialogue.

Rescue the IIIithid’s Captive Quest Rewards

Rescuing Shadowheart will allow you to recruit her to join your party and this can be a big help later on when you reach the end of the ship.

Later on, you will still be able to recruit Shadowheart after the ship crashes by waking her up near the crash site and speaking to her.


A lot of beings were kidnapped by the Mind Flayers and it seems you are not the only one who had a parasite stuck behind your eye.

With Shadowheart amongst your party, the chances of surviving and getting off the ship now seem to be better.

Shadowheart can be a great addition to your team, being that she is a Cleric that is capable of supporting other characters and fighting enemies.

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