How To Quickly Save & Load in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

When playing Baldur’s Gate 3, there are a lot of times when every decision you make can alter what comes next in the game.

This makes it useful to be able to save and load the game whenever you want to quickly redo parts where you have made a mistake.

The game features a manual save feature and allows you to do Quicksaves and Quickloads whenever you need to double back on your actions.

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How To Save The Game?

You can save the game anytime by opening the In-Game Menu and selecting Save Game from the options available.

Once you have selected Save Game, you may overwrite an existing saved game or create a new one by selecting New Save.

A name will automatically be available for the save depending on where you are and how long you have been playing the game or you can write your save file name.

How To Load a Saved Game?

To load a saved game, you will need to open the In-Game Menu and select Load Game from the available options, which should be below the Save Game option.

Selecting Load Game will allow you to pick from a list of all the saved games that you have, which includes manual saves, autosaves, and quicksaves.

This will allow you to return to the exact point in the game where you saved it and you can identify them by checking the image and the time.

How To Do a Quicksave and Quickload?

A Quicksave is an instance in the game that you can save with the press of a single button while a Quickload will load the latest Quicksave that you have made.

To perform a Quicksave, you simply need to press the bound key (F5) and this will save the game while a Quickload can be done with another bound key (F8) but both of these may be changed.

Even if you have other saves that have been created after your Quicksave, doing a Quickload will always prioritize the Quicksave first.

Benefits of Quickly Saving and Loading

There are certain times in the game when you may need to think twice about making a decision because this affects what happens next.

If you perform a Quicksave before making a decision, you can always do a Quickload if you do not like the outcome.

This is also useful for when you do certain skill checks as the rolls may be different every time you save or load the game.


Since the whole game depends on most of your actions, being able to roll back a bit is a good way to play the game you want it to be played.

While this may be unfair at some point, it is a good way to perfect how things go out and to restart if you have made a mistake somewhere in the middle.

Doing a Quicksave during important fights or parts of the game will allow you to go back if ever you want to do something differently.

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