Commander Zhalk (Killing Strategy, Drops & Stats): BG3

When you first awaken on the Nautiloid, you begin making your way to the Helm as instructed by most of the companions you get along the way.

This eventually leads to a scene where you witness Fiends attacking the Mind Flayers and you are instructed to connect the nerves of the ship’s transponder to escape.

It is here that you may choose to fight Commander Zhalk or to rush for an escape but defeating this boss will yield rewards that benefit you in the early game.

Commander Zhalk Baldur's Gate 3

Commander Zhalk Stats

Commander Zhalk is a powerful melee fighter who is durable in a fight, capable of taking hits from multiple enemies at the same time.



Notable Features


Armor Class18PiercingNon-Magic

Fiendish Blessing

Hit Points


Magic & Non-Magic


18LightningMagic & Non-Magic

Magic & Non-Magic


14PoisonMagic & Non-Magic



Commander Zhalk Strategy

Commander Zhalk is way above your current level and this will make it easy for him to kill you, especially with the other minions that he has.

If you are planning to face him, you will want to make sure that you have Lae’zel, Shadowcat, and even the Intellect Devourer named “Us.”

The more characters you have, the better damage you can deal and Shadowcat is a must because she plays a large part in fighting Commander Zhalk.

The only character that can stand up to Commander Zhalk will be the Mind Flayer and you will need to use Shadowcat to buff him, mainly with Shield of Faith.

Eventually, you will be able to take down Zhalk with the help of the Mind Flayer but be ready, he will begin to attack you afterward.

Commander Zhalk Drops

Commander Zalk drops the Everburn Blade, an Uncommon Sword that deals Slashing and Fire damage and provides you with multiple Proficiency Unlocks.

There will also be other rewards from defeating Commander Zhalk but these will be lesser items but may still prove to be useful as you are only in the early game at this point.


The whole part of the Helm fight was to ensure that you made your way across the area while fighting off the lesser enemies.

Fighting Commander Zhalk is optional since all you need to do is interact with the transponder at the end of the Helm.

Players who are victorious against Commander Zhalk will be able to make use of the Everburn Blade to easily damage enemies early on.

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