Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Lae’zel Location & How To Recruit Her

While you were aboard the Nautiloid, you ran into a Githyanki named Lae’zel but after it crashed, the two of you were separated.

You later stumble upon her caught in a goblin trap with Tieflings nearby who will attempt to capture her after taking the cage she is in down.

From here on, you can already recruit Lae’zel by helping her out, which can go in different directions depending on how you want to handle the situation.

Lae'zel Baldur's Gate 3

Who is Lae’zel?

Lae’zel is a Githyanki warrior, who has a ruthless attitude to match her prowess in combat and can be a potential companion along your travels.

After being abducted, she now faces the challenge of finding a way to cure herself so that she can rejoin her people, who may already have something against her.

This Githyanki warrior is tough and can deal a good amount of damage to enemies, mostly being a frontline warrior in a party.

How To Recruit Lae’zel?Lae’zel joins you at the start of the game

While Lae’zel joins you at the start of the game, she is later lost after the crash of the Nautiloid and seems to have gone off to save herself.

You later find her trapped in a cage to the north of the Roadside Cliffs and may recruit her after rescuing her from the Tieflings.

Depending on your responses, she will either join up with you or be against you, making it necessary to talk to the Tieflings to send them away or to kill them.

By passing a skill check, you can get rid of the Tieflings but if things go bad, you are going to need to put up a fight.

Lae’zel LocationLae’zel can be found to the north of the Roadside Cliffs

Lae’zel can be found to the north of the Roadside Cliffs, which can be reached after you go through the crashed Nautiloid.

You will most likely have recruited Shadowheart, Astarion, and Gale by this time and should stumble upon her as you continue going north.

Lae’zel After The Crash

You previously fought the Mind Flayers aboard the Nautiloid and ended up as survivors after its crash but Lae’zel was nowhere in sight.

She must have done some exploring of her own but didn’t notice the goblin trap that had been placed, resulting in her being in a cage.

With the racial differences in the area, Lae’zel was to be captured by the Tieflings if you hadn’t shown up and intervened with the situation.

Dismiss Your Weakest Warrior

If there are already four members in your party, you will not be able to have Lae’zel join your current party but you can still send her to your camp.

Should you wish to swap a companion for Lae’zel, you will need to head to your camp and speak to one of your party members to tell them to stay at camp.

After freeing up a slot for Lae’zel, you may speak with her and ask her to join your party, allowing you to go along with the quest that came with her. (Find the Githyanki Creche)

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