How To Rescue Volo in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

When you enter the Goblin Camp, you will eventually stumble upon a bard who is performing at a celebration and is held against his will.

Once you encounter Volo, you will get a quest called “Free Volo”, which involves rescuing him from the goblin Gribbo.

It seems that Volo had been captured by the Goblins and one of them named Gribbo has considered him as her pet until she gets hungry.

Volo in Goblin Camp

Volo LocationVolo Location in Goblin Camp

Volo can first be seen when you enter the Goblin Camp as he will be in the middle of a celebration as a captive bard singing about one of the leaders.

Approaching Volo will do nothing but interact with him and will begin a scene that results in him being sent back to his cage within the Shattered Sanctum.

Volo Location

Once Volo has been kicked off the stage by Gribbo, he will be escorted into the Shattered Sanctum and will be placed into a cage.

You can find him in one of the rooms past the first hall heading to the right side of the map and may enter the room that he is trapped in.

Entering the Shattered Sanctum can be done from the main entrance where the goblins are celebrating or above them through a Cracked Wall.

How To Rescue Volo?

Once you find Volo, you won’t be able to rescue him in any way as a conversation will result in him being brought into the Shattered Sanctum.

You can follow him and his captor to his cage or head over there after dealing with the goblins guarding the entrance to the halls.

There are 3 ways you can go about rescuing Volo, each of them resulting in the same result with slightly difficulty outcomes which are:

  1. Talk your way into the Shattered Sanctum and obtain the key to Volo’s cage by talking to her or killing her. (Safest way)
  2. Ambush Gribbo after she enters the Shattered Sanctum (You will have to fight the goblins at the entrance)
  3. Attack the goblins during the celebration, this will cause Volo to escape, and he will wind up at your camp later. (Everyone at the celebration will attack you)

Volo Not at Camp

If Volo does not appear at your camp, this is a known bug, but it can also be related to the completion of a quest that you need to do.

It has been known that doing a few Long Rests before rescuing Volo can ensure that he arrives at your camp as well as talking to him in his cage before freeing him.

For us, we were able to free Volo by killing the enemies at the celebration and he used an Invisibility Potion to escape. (He appeared at camp later after we finished “Rescue the Druid Halsin”)

Make sure that you free Volo from the cage before the Goblin Camp turns hostile as failure to do this can result in the “Rescue Volo” quest to freeze.


Volo may also be encountered at Druid Grove and can be seen talking to a bear, which is another place to check around for him.

There are currently 2 quests related to Volo, which are “Rescue Volo” and “Remove the Parasite” making him vital to the rescue.

As long as you free Volo, you are bound to see him around but other instances may require that you wait for a fix to unfreeze the “Rescue Volo” quest.

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