How To Store & Get Stored Items in BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers a lot of loot as long as you are willing to explore and loot whatever you come across but running around with a ton of items in your inventory can be tedious.

Luckily, items you want to put aside can be stored with a few easy steps to allow you to check your items later instead of selling everything to shed some weight.

If you have been to your camp, you will notice that there is a Traveller’s Chest, which is the Baldur’s Gate 3 Stash you will be using most of the time.

Traveller’s Chest Baldur's gate 3

Traveler’s ChestTraveller’s Chest a storage item which is available in your camp

The Traveller’s Chest is a storage item that will always be available in your camp when you want to store items that you have picked up.

While opening this will reveal that there is a certain amount of slots, this is nothing for you to be worried about because it has infinite space.

Whenever you add items to the Traveller’s Chest, they will remain there regardless of when you come to check on them or which camp you are at.

How To Send Items To Camp?Send to Camp feature allows you to teleport items from inventory to camp

Moving back and forth between your camp just to deposit items in the Traveller’s Chest can be annoying, which is why there is a “Send to Camp” feature.

This allows you to teleport an item from your inventory to your camp, which will place it straight into the Traveller’s Chest for you to check on later.

To send an item to camp, all you need to do is the following steps:

  1. Select the item/s you wish to send to camp
  2. Open the menu of any item you have selected
  3. Select “Send to Camp”

Doing this will send the item/s that you have chosen to the Traveller’s Chest and to make things better, you can do this with multiple items.

How To Get Stored Items?

To pick up your stored items, you must head back to camp to view the contents of the Traveller’s Chest by interacting with it.

From here, you can choose to take certain items out or take all of the contents out with one go, allowing you to grab anything you previously stored.

If you are in a different camp, the contents of the Traveller’s Chest will still be the same and you can access any items that have been placed inside of it.


Storing your items is a great way to prevent being overweight with loot, which will allow you to continue your adventures and come back later to see what you have stored at camp.

There are no limits to what items you can store and this can be useful for saving up once collectible before trading them to vendors.

As you progress through the game, you sometimes won’t have time to check every item that you pick up, which makes storing them and viewing them later a good solution.

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