How To Get Digipicks & Its Uses in Starfield

The Digipick or what we like to call the Digital Lockpick is a tool listed under Misc (Miscellaneous) when you have obtained one or a few.

This will be one of the most important items that you can get as you traverse the system and becomes handy when it comes to opening locked doors and storage.

While these are not easily obtained when you start, you will often come across a few and should save them for later when they are needed.

Digipick Starfield

How To Get Digipicks?Obtaining Digipicks by looting the places

Digipicks can be found in many ways and one of the best ways to get them is to loot the places that you explore as they can be found almost anywhere if you look hard enough.

You may happen to loot them from some of the enemies that you kill or obtain them from opening storages when you are at different destinations.

Some vendors may have them for sale depending on what type of vendor and when you are, making this not too hard to obtain as you continue progressing through the game.

Digipicks UsesUnlocking the storage using the Digipick

Digipicks are used to unlock the locks on storage, doors, and other objects that have been securely locked to prevent anyone from accessing them.

The use of Digipicks will depend on your Security Skill, which can be upgraded under the Tech Tree in your Skills Menu.

Using a Digipick to unlock an object will consume it and whenever you fail to pick a lock, this will also use the item, making it important to use them wisely.

Lockpicking in Starfield

Lockpicking in Starfield is different from the other titles made by Bethesda and may be a bit more difficult for others since there is a chance of getting stuck.

To unlock an object in Starfield, you will need to interact with it while having at least 1 Digipick in your inventory to begin the process.

This will require that you fit the different slots of the Digipick into each layer, which will allow you to progress to the center, allowing you to unlock it when all are filled.


Digipicks can be found often in the game and it’s best to hold on to these or store them to avoid accidentally selling them under the miscellaneous items.

When lockpicking, it’s best to check each of the slots to make sure you don’t fill the wrong ones since you can switch between them.

Unlocking doors is a good way to gain access to certain areas as well as loot and there is a lot you can find in some of the most unexpected places.

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