Starfield War Horse Ship (How to Get, Stats & Overview)

At the start of the game, you get your hands on the Frontier (Discovery Class) ship that you use throughout the game until you decide to modify it or buy a new one.

The War Horse is a buffed-up version of the Discovery ship, which has additional weapons and a slightly different look to it.

If you want a quick upgrade from the Frontier to a similar ship, the War Horse may be a quick upgrade from your first ship to keep you going further.

War Horse Ship Starfield

How To Get War Horse Ship?Technician inside the ship services booth

You can purchase the War Horse by heading to the Volii system, which is way to the west of Alpha Centauri but you end up going here as you progress through the game.

Once you reach the Volii system, you may find Neon on Volii Alpha and land in the city where a ship services booth will be accessible.

Inside the ship services booth, you can find the technician, who you can speak to to buy ships including the War Horse which costs 132975 Credits.

War Horse Ship Overview

The War Horse features an upgrade to its weapons and gains an increase in its shields to provide you with better ship combat.

Some of its parts have changed and the alterations to the energy requirements for its ship systems only increase a bit, allowing you to easily redistribute it when needed.

The Grav Drive and fuel capacity will need replacements if you want to travel to systems further out and escape combat when necessary.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Dragon 231P IR Pulse Laser
  • Horizon Defense 3310 Proton Beat
  • Horizon Defense Infiltrator SC-01 Missile Launcher
  • Reladyne White Dwarf 2030 Engine
  • Sextant Shield Systems Deflector SG-40 Shield Generator
  • Nova Galactic NG170 Grav Drive
  • Xiang Tokamak X-120S Reactor

War Horse Stats

The Frontier/Discover ship is a Class-A ship that is considered a classic, but this doesn’t mean it cannot do much because it carries you through the majority of the game.

The War Horse offers almost the same experience aside from increased stats in its default condition, which can still be increased further.

It has an improvement in shields and its Grav Drive, while also bearing new weapons that deal more damage than the original.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



29 (A)

15 LY










With your first ship being a Discovery (Frontier), you may have already experienced how the ship works and may have been accustomed to its cockpit.

The War Horse offers you the same feeling along with better modifications and a bonus detail to the ship’s colors to make it stand out.

The War Horse is pretty much an upgraded Discovery with better parts and a stronger reactor to provide them with power, which makes it a bit costly.

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