How To Find & Use Jackpot Code Combination in Starfield

There are a lot of things that you can find in Starfield and one of them is a casino filled with lots of goods, including Credits, contraband, and more.

A Jackpot Backend console can be found in a space casino called The Almagest, which holds a lot of loot that you can get your hands on.

Players have been searching for a jackpot code that can be used to open the Jackpot Backend, which allows you to grab a certain number of Credits.

Jackpot Backend in Starfield

Where To Find the Almagest?Heading to the planet Nesoi through the ship

The Almagest is a casino in space that you can board, which can be found in the Olympus System by heading to the planet Nesoi.

Once you grav jump to Nesoi in the Olympus System, you will be able to find The Almagest nearby and may approach it for docking.

The Almagest will be overrun by pirates and will need to be boarded (must be 500 meters or less in distance) as hailing it will provide you with no results.

How To Find Jackpot Code?Manager’s Computer found while entering The Almagest

To get the Jackpot Code, you will need to find the Manager’s Computer, which can be located once you enter The Almagest and head to one of the sides.

There will be no gravity, so you can make your way up and will eventually find the manager’s office, which is where a set of vaults and the computer may be found.

Interact with the computer and you will be able to find the Jackpot Code, which is 12, 19, 36, 5, which needs to be input later in order. 

How To Use Jackpot Code?Using the Jackpot code

The Jackpot Code is used when you enter a vault that is found to the side of the casino once you reach the bottom as it will be slightly opened.

You can head into the vault and find the Jackpot Backend, which you can interact with to access it and input the code in the right order.

Aside from the Jackpot Backend, you can get more goodies (though illegal) which you can later sell to get a good number of Credits.


The Almagest is a good place to grab a few goods to get a lot of Credits flowing but you should watch out where you travel as contraband can get you into trouble.

Opening the Jackpot Backend will allow you to access 3700 Credits, and this may seem not much but sometimes every drop counts.

Not only do you get goodies from looting, but you can also grab what you can off of the spacers who are inside the casino.

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