How To Get Shackleton Ship in Starfield

Moving from system to system can be easily done with a Grav Drive but when it comes to combat and exploring certain areas in space, powerful engines are needed.

One of the fastest ships that you can get your hands on is the Shackleton, which is a Class-B ship equipped with powerful thrusters and a good amount of defense.

Not only does this ship go fast, but you can also customize it later to have more weapons to easily take out enemies that you find when you travel.

Shackleton Ship Starfield

How To Get Shackleton Ship?Ship Service Technician in Hopetown who's selling the Shackleton Ship

The Shackleton can be purchased from the Ship Service Technician found at the landing area in Hopetown, which is on planet Polvo in the Valo system.

If you are looking for Valo, it is one of the options you can choose from when you select Narion as they share the same location.

Select Valo (the only other option is Narion) and land at Hopetown, where you may then speak to the Ship Services Technician.

Once you speak with the Ship Services Technician, you may check out what ships are being sold and the last one will be the Shackleton, which you can buy for 129800 Credits.

Shackleton Ship Overview

The Shackleton features a powerful set of engines and an insanely durable shield that helps prevent its hull from taking damage too soon.

Fully charging its shields makes it easy to regenerate them as you fly off to avoid damage before returning to fight again.

It may lack a bit when it comes to damage, which makes it best to swap or add weapons to the ship once you have purchased it.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Mauler 104L Canon (Weapon)
  • Horizon Defense Dragon 221P MW Pulse Laser (Weapons)
  • Reladyne White Dwarf 1000 Engine
  • Dogstar 28T Defender Shield Generator
  • Reladyne R-3000 Alpha Grav Drive
  • Amun Dunn Z-Machine 2000 Reactor

Shackleton Stats

Equipped with 2 lasers and a cannon, the Shackleton can do well when it comes to fighting enemies one by one as its shields are incredibly high.

One of the best things possible would be to increase its fuel capacity to travel further and add a couple of weapons to make it deadlier in a fight.

The Shackleton also features moderate cargo capacity if you plan on storing resources and other items in the ship as you travel.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



21 (B)

22 LY










What makes the Shackleton deadly in battle is more of its ability to run away to recover its shields before jumping back into a fight to attack enemies.

A few upgrades on this ship could pose a big problem for your enemies, especially when you add more weapons for it to utilize.

The Shackleton appears to be a bit similar to the Econohaul but it looks like most of it has been stripped and it has been modified for speed and recovery.

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