Starfield Elegance (How to Get, Upgrades & Perks)

Killing enemies quickly while unnoticed can give you an edge when you are getting through certain areas in the game and with a weapon such as the Elegance, this can be all too easy.

The Elegance is a pistol that bears a similarity to the Regulator, which features upgrades as well as a perk that helps you shred through even the most armored enemies in the game.

Being built for accuracy and stealth, Elegance makes it easy to kill enemies from close to medium ranges with successive silenced shots.

Elegance Pistol in Starfield

Elegance StatsElegance Stats

Elegance has been built to deal high amounts of damage with quick bursts thanks to its binary trigger and along with this, its shots are silent as the weapon is suppressed.


Common Pistol



.43 Ultramag



Fire Rate








Notice: The Ballistics Skill and Pistol Certification Skill can greatly increase the amount of damage that the Elegance does to enemies.

Elegance Perks

This weapon has the Shattering Perk which allows shots fired from it to break through enemies who are armored, making it easier to damage their health.

When shooting enemies with armor, you can strip their armor easily and damage will still be done even if their armor has not been depleted.

Elegance Upgrades

The following upgrades are preinstalled on Elegance:

  • Reflex Sight
  • Suppressor
  • Penetrator Rounds
  • High Powered
  • Binary Trigger

How To Get Elegance?Rowland Arms from whom the Elegance Pistol can be purchased

You can purchase the Elegance by visiting Rowland Arms, which is where you may purchase it from Belle Rowland for 18244 Credits.

Rowland Arms can be found as you enter Akila City just past Shepherd’s General Store, which is not too hard to find as you just need to head straight and turn left.

This shop is also where you may purchase The Zapper, another unique weapon sold by Belle Rowland which is also a variant of the Regulator.


The Elegance provides you with the ability to deal tons of damage but it is best to keep in mind that .43 Ultramag ammo is a bit scarce at the beginning of the game.

Some may find that the Binary Trigger can be a bit too much when it comes to accuracy penalties, which makes it optional to modify this weapon to a semi-automatic trigger.

More upgrades can be done to Elegance, which will make it an even better weapon once it has been modified to suit your play style.

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