How To Assign Ship Weapons to Group in Starfield (PC & Xbox)

Building your ship in Starfield can be a bit tricky at first because there are certain systems that you need to work out to complete your ship.

For those who are having issues with completing their ship due to unassigned weapons or a message saying your ship is missing a weapon assignment, it is easier than you think.

When you get such messages, this means that the weapons you have installed need to be grouped so you can use them during a fight.

Assign Ship Weapons in Starfield

Weapon Error Messages

You may notice 2 common warnings that may appear when you are building a ship, which is either the “Unassigned Weapon” or the “Missing Weapon Assignment” message.

A ship will need at least one weapon assigned to provide you with a way to fight back if you encounter hostiles in space, which displays the “Unassigned Weapon” message.

“Missing Weapon Assignment” appears when you have a weapon that has been installed on your ship but has not yet been assigned to a group.

How To Assign Weapons?

Assigning weapons can be done by pressing the Flight Check button (press “C” on PC or the “Start Button on Xbox) as this will show you what errors exist.

This is the part that most players miss because you will first be looking at messages and next to it, you can see a section called weapons.

Click on weapons and you will see the different groups that you can assign your weapons to, allowing you to choose which weapons can be fired.

Assigned Weapon Controls

Each weapon group can have a specific type of weapon, meaning you should only have types of weapons on your ship as only similar ones may be assigned.

The following are the controls for the weapons on a ship:

  • W0 (Weapon 0) – Mouse 1 (PC) or RT (Xbox/Controller)
  • W1 (Weapon 1) – Mouse 2 (PC) or LT (Xbox/Controller)
  • W2 (Weapon 2) – G (PC) or Y (Xbox/Controller)


Ships require weapons to fight off enemies, but you do not have to fill up all slots with weapons, having one or two weapons is fine if you feel like it.

When we mention weapons, we mean the types because you can have multiple weapons if they are similar but different weapons that go over 3 types cannot be used with the others.

By equipping your ship with 3 different types of weapons (the amount doesn’t matter), you can provide your ship with different ways to damage an enemy ship’s shields, hull, and more

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