Starfield Wanderlust Ship (How to Get, Stats & Overview)

Hauling resources can sometimes be a big job for certain ships and if you are running a Class-A or Class-B ship, the odds don’t always play out that well.

Certain ships can be useful in such situations though, such as the Wanderlust, which is a ship that is sturdy, fast, and capable of holding a lot in its cargo hold.

The Wanderlust is available to players who have enough credits to spend on it and can later be upgraded depending on how they want to use it.

Wanderlust ship Starfield

How To Get Wanderlust Ship?Ship Services Technician stationed at The Eleos Retreat

The Wanderlust can be purchased for 165125 Credits from the Ship Services Technician stationed at The Eleos Retreat, which can be found on Ixyll II.

Ixyll II is found in the Ixyll system, which is quite far to the northeast of the other systems as this is considered a safe zone for those on the wrong side of the law.

Once you land at The Eleos Retreat, you will be able to find the Ship Services Technician in the ship services booth to the right.

Speak to the technician to see the list of available ships and you will be able to find the Wanderlust ship, which will cost 165125 Credits.

Wanderlust Ship Overview

Wanderlust is large and bulky, but it does have a good amount of storage and you can even alter it to have multiple hubs.

Due to its large shape, you can add hubs to make it a mobile base and weapons to make it a deadly force to take out enemy ships in space.

This ship mainly lacks in weaponry, but its triple particle beams are powerful enough on their own as they do good damage to both the hull and shields.

It has the following parts:

  • Horizon Defense Disruptor 3320 Neutron Beam
  • Reladyne Nova 1010 Engine
  • Dogstar 22T Defender Shield Generator
  • Deep Core Helios 400 Grav Drive
  • Amun Dunn Z-Machine 2020 Reactor

Wanderlust Stats

The Wanderlust is a Class-B ship that features a powerful set of particle beams and a sturdy hull to withstand damage after shields have been taken out.

For a ship its size, the Wanderlust can fly faster than certain ships as it has powerful engines attached but you should still watch out for its mass when modifying it.

Its reactor is a bit lower than others since the ship doesn’t require much power, which makes it vital to upgrade if you add more parts that require energy.




Cargo Capacity

Shielded Capacity



16 (B)

21 LY








The Wanderlust is a large ship that offers several customization options, with enough room to fill it up with weapons to fight other ships.

Its high cargo capacity makes it a good choice for a mobile base as you can later store resources and use them while aboard your ship.

The weapons attached to the ship on its own are powerful but adding even more to it and upgrading its other components will make it a beast in space.

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