Starfield Head Ranger (How to Get, Upgrades & Perks)

Taking enemies from afar is one thing but when forced to fight up close with a scoped weapon, the fire rate of a weapon can make a huge difference.

The Head Ranger is a variant of the Lawgiver that has an increased amount of attack speed as well as several modifications to it.

This version of the Lawgiver is a rare rifle that features an increase in accuracy for distant shots but is also quite affected at closer ranges.

Head Ranger Rifle in Starfield

Head Ranger StatsHead Ranger Unique Rifle Stats

The Head Ranger may not seem to be any different from an ordinary Lawgiver but it does have a boost in attack speed along with a few good modifications for an early weapon.


Rare Rifle






Fire Rate








Notice: The damage of the Head Ranger may vary based on the level you have with the Ballistics and Rifle Certification skills.

Head Ranger Perks

The Head Ranger features the Rapid Perk, which provides the weapon with a 25% increased attack speed, allowing you to fire the weapon faster than a regular Lawgiver.

Head Ranger Upgrades

With only a small difference from the Lawbringer in the form of appearance and stats, the Head Hunter features multiple upgrades that make it worth obtaining early.

  • Long Barrel
  • Recon Scope
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Penetrator Rounds
  • Hair Trigger

How To Get Head Ranger?Reisha Lance who's at Laredo Arms in Akila City

The Head Ranger rifle can be purchased from Reisha Lance for 9219 Credits, which you can find at Laredo Arms in Akila City.

Laredo Arms can be located by heading right once you enter Akila City, which can be found on Akila in the Cheyenne System.

Aside from the Head Ranger, you can also find The Prime (Pistol) by checking out what Reisha Lance has for sale.


The Head Ranger is one of the cheaper weapons that you can find that offers you the ability to snipe enemies from a good distance.

With its increased fire rate, the Head Ranger can be used to quickly take out enemies from a distance and is even effective at closer distances.

Aside from the Rapid Perk, the modifications on the Head Ranger are more advanced than most and provide a good advantage early on.

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