Starfield The Prime (How to Get, Upgrades & Perks)

There are different types of status effects that you can affect enemies with and with a weapon called The Prime, you can cause all sorts of trouble.

The Prime is a rare pistol and advanced version of the Razorback, which is premodified and has a perk that can deliver certain ailments to enemies.

Obtaining this weapon can be obtained early on in the game once you have reached Cheyenne and can be quite handy in taking out enemies.

The Prime Pistol in Starfield

The Prime StatsThe Prime Pistol Stats

The Prime has been built with increased accuracy but also has certain parts to retain its ability to fire without using its scope and these can be altered later when you have the weapon.


Rare Pistol






Fire Rate








Notice: Skills such as Ballistics and Pistol Certification will increase the damage dealt by The Prime, making them some of the best choices if you feel like becoming a gunslinger.

The Prime Perks

The Prime features the Elemental Perk, which has a chance to randomly deal Corrosive, Radiation, Poison, and Incendiary damage when fired.

The Prime Upgrades

Most of the modifications of The Prime make it efficient at almost any range, allowing you to snipe enemies from mid to long range. (You can improve it further with upgrades)

  • Laser Sight
  • Recon Scope
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Penetrator Rounds
  • High Velocity

How To Get The Prime?Reisha Lance who's selling the Prime Pistol in in Akila City

The Prime can be purchased from Reisha Lance in the Laredo Arms, which can be found in Akila City (Planet Akila) in the Cheyenne system.

You can find Laredo Arms by turning right as you enter the city and continuing forward until you find their shop at the side.

Speak with Reisha Lance to see what she has for sale and you will be able to find The Prime, which can be purchased for 21730 Credits.


The Prime is a powerful weapon thanks to the high amount of damage that it deals but with its Elemental Perk, different elemental damage types can help with tougher enemies.

Each time The Prime is fired, a random elemental damage type can trigger and this can happen continuously if you are lucky enough.

All in all, this variant of the Razorback is a great weapon to have for any gunslinger, especially when you have modified it further.

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