Starfield Justifier (How to Get, Upgrades & Stats)

If you are looking for a powerful rifle that you can get early in the game by completing a series of easy missions, look no further than the Justifier.

The Justifier is a unique upgrade variant of the Lawgiver that is rewarded to you as you make your way from deputy to a fully-fledged Freestar Ranger.

This weapon is great for dealing damage from afar as not only does it deal a good amount of damage, but it is upgraded and can even track targets via its recon scope.

Justifier Rifle in Starfield

Justifier StatsJustifier Rifle Stats

The Justifier features a slight difference from the original Lawbreaker, which is noticeable by the color of its barrel with the addition of some useful upgrades.  


Common Rifle



.50 Caliber



Fire Rate








Notice: The Justifier is a rifle, which means that it will benefit from multiple skills that you learn such as Ballistics, Rifle Certification, Marksmanship, and even Sniper Certification.

Justifier Upgrades

The Justifier has been modified to have more accuracy, range, damage, and more as each of its slots has already been modded but you can alter these later if you prefer to do so.

  • Long Barrel
  • Laser Sight
  • Recon Scope
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Depleted Uranium Rounds
  • Hair Trigger

How To Get Justifier?the Freestar rangers

The Justifier is given to you as a reward for completing the mission called “The Hammer Falls”, which is part of the Freestar Collective storyline.

This will be possible once you have joined the rangers as a deputy and have worked your way through the rest of their missions.

Completing The Hammer Falls will reward you with not only the Justifier, you also a Ranger suit, ship, and more once you are a full-fledged ranger.


The Justifier is a powerful weapon and can be even deadlier once you get a few more skills in to back up the damage it deals with and how it performs.

Not all the upgrades may be useful for every situation but you can always modify the Justifier later on to change it to suit your preferences. (An example would be adding a suppressor)

While there are quite a few missions that you need to complete before you can get the Justifier, it is pretty worth the effort if you are still in the early parts of your game.

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