How To Get Credits (Money) Fast in Starfield

There are so many things for you to buy in Starfield and at times it feels like you never have enough but that shouldn’t be a concern as you continue to progress.

During the game, you will be able to get a lot of Credits, which you can later use to buy weapons, armor, ships, and more.

To speed things up for you when it comes to becoming rich in Starfield, we have prepared a few things that can help you earn Credits fast.

Making Money in Starfield

How To Get Credits in the Game?

Credits can be obtained in a few ways, which are to loot, sell, and gain rewards for completing missions along your journey.

1) Sell To Trade Authority Kiosk

Trade Authority Kiosk in the settlement

Most settlements that are highly populated will have Trade Authority Kiosks, which you may interact with as soon as you get off your ship.

These will have a certain amount of Credits in them and you can sell anything that you have on you to unload and gain more to buy other things with.

Consider this as a drop-off box for you to sell your items, allowing you to gain Credits and get rid of all the unwanted things you have.

2) Sell To Vendors

Talking with a Vendor in the settlement

There are a lot of vendors in the game and most of the settlements and cities have a few of them but not every vendor will purchase whatever you have.

Some vendors are picky and will only buy weapons or armor, while others may purchase whatever you have in your inventory.

Getting familiar with some of the vendors is a good way to buy and sell since each vendor only has a certain number of Credits every day.

3) Complete Missions

Can also earn credits in the game by completing some of the missions

Completing missions is a quick way for you to get experience and Credits but these may sometimes take time and are best combined with other methods of getting money.

While you are doing missions, you can pick up a lot of loot that is worth selling, which makes it easy to farm Credits if you are also looting enemies and locations.

Some missions such as the main ones can end up giving you a lot of Credits and this makes it easy to get rich as long as you continue to progress.

What To Sell?

You can sell almost anything but if you want to make a lot of money, the best things to go for are often spacesuits, helmets, weapons, and other items that are worn or used.

There are also a lot of lootable items that fall under miscellaneous, and these can be picked up almost anywhere, ranging from a cheap Pen to an expensive collectible.

It is best to focus on collecting the more expensive items and avoid hauling everything that glows when your scanner is turned on.

Other Ways To Get Credits

There are other ways to get Credits, and this is mainly while you are going out to loot different places and even kill enemies to grab what they have.

You can also get Credits by picking up Credstiks, which is a container for Credits and these usually give a hefty amount of them when you pick them up.

Looting Credits from enemies is also another way for you to get Credits and these are mainly dropped by humans such as pirates and crazy devoted followers.


Making money in Starfield is not that hard but you will need to find ways to get out of there and get what is needed for you to earn it.

You may be wondering why selling ships is not included in our list and this is because they are not that common and you have to register them, which costs a lot to sell them for a small profit.

If you want to make money fast in Starfield, all you need to do is progress, loot, and sell, which should get you tons of Credits sooner than you would expect.

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