How To Persuade Brogan in Starfield

During the mission called “One Small Step,” you encounter the Captain of a Crimson Fleet group that has been following Barrett, which eventually led to an attack on Vectera.

This captain believes that a treasure is onboard one of the ships and is aiming to steal it but in truth, there wasn’t anything.

You have the option to either go guns blazing or to talk your way out of a fight once you encounter Brogan at Kreet moments later after fighting through his men.

Brogan Starfield

Where To Find Brogan?Brogan location

Brogan is located within the Kreet Research Lab, which is one of your destinations during the “One Small Step” mission shortly after the attack on Vectera.

As you reach orbit, the location of Brogan is detected and your mission is deviated as you now need to search for him, which leads to the encounter.

You will be able to find Brogan after fighting your way through pirates, who are also members of the crew, and he is not too happy about you killing them.

How To Persuade Brogan?

Persuading Brogan is not that hard, and you can often do this easily by sticking with green or yellow dialogue choices during your conversation.

Luck also has a part to play when it comes to persuasion, which makes it a good idea to save before you head out of the door that leads to him and his men.

We were able to persuade Brogan by selecting all the green dialogue options and he eventually let us go, but we killed him anyway to be on the safe side. (Does not have consequences)

Killing Brogan

Brogan will start speaking to you the moment you approach them by going through the door that leads to the back of the Kreet Research Lab.

You can attempt to shoot at him and his men before stepping through the door, and this will prompt a fight to the death as soon as one of them is hit.

If you fail to persuade Brogan, this will result in him and his men attacking you, which requires you to kill them to proceed with the mission.


Verdict is like most NPCs that you can persuade and since you encounter him during the earlier part of the game, this is not too difficult.

As you encounter more NPCs in the game, regardless of whether they are a friend or foe, persuasion may be more difficult depending on who they are.

It is best to always do a Quicksave if you want to make sure you can redo the persuasion and eventually, things will go your way.

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