Starfield Chameleon Perk (How to Get & Use)

The Chameleon Perk is one of the many perks that helmets, packs, or spacesuits may have, and it goes well with those who love to use stealth.

Stealth can be a big advantage in this game, especially when you have a powerful weapon to break the stealth with, providing extra damage.

Whether it’s stalking your targets or hiding from enemies, the addition of the Chameleon Perk with your equipment can provide a lot of advantages in many situations.

Using Chameleon Perk in Starfield to kill the enemies

What Is the Chameleon Perk?Chameleon Perk Stats

The Chameleon Perk is one of the perks that you may find on a helmet, pack, or spacesuit, providing its users with the ability to camouflage when they sneak.

Sneaking or crouching already gives you a stealthy advantage but with the Chameleon Perk, you become invisible when you sneak and do not move.

This triggers almost instantly and greatly reduces the chance that enemies may see you, especially when your companion is tucked away somewhere safe to avoid detection.

How To Use The Chameleon Perk?sneaking to use Chameleon Perk

Once you have an item that has the Chameleon Perk equipped, you will become invisible whenever you sneak and stay still.

This will trigger within less than a second and the stealth will be applied immediately, making it almost impossible for enemies to detect you.

Firing weapons that make noise will break the stealth and your hits will deal extra damage to enemies but using a melee attack does not remove the invisibility.

How To Get Chameleon Perk?

The Chameleon Perk can be found on different pieces of armor, and you often get one early in the game if you progress or explore a bit.

These can be found on enemies and will often have a quality of rare or higher, which should appear on your screen when you pick it up.

Once you have an item that has the Chameleon Perk, all you need to do is equip it and every time you sneak without moving, you will turn invisible.


Being able to turn invisible has many advantages and this is great for stealth attacks or when you want to hide from enemies during or before a fight.

If you are being hunted, you can simply hide and turn invisible, and this will quickly make your detection bar reduce until you are hidden.

There are a lot of rare or legendary items that may have the Chameleon Perk but it’s best to always keep one just in case you need it until you find a better item.

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