How To Steal, Keep & Sell Stolen Ships in Starfield

In Starfield, you are not limited to just one ship and there are good uses for having more than one as you can have your fleet of them with crew members.

The thing is ships are quite expensive and not that easy to come by but that doesn’t mean there are ways to get your hands on some that are owned by others.

That’s right! You can steal ships from enemies and even your allies, but it would be better not to make new enemies and just steal from hostiles instead.

Stealing a ship from the enemies in Starfield

How To Steal a Ship?finding an enemy to steal a ship

The first thing you will need to do is find an enemy (or ally) ship that you can steal, which can be done by checking your scanner for nearby Ship Landings.

Sometimes you may notice a ship landing on the planet you are on, and you can make your way to check out who the visitors are.

If they are an enemy, you may need to sneak past the patrol that has gotten out once the ship has landed and it is best you avoid them because the ship may leave.

clearing out all the enemies inside the ship to steal that

Once you have snuck onto the ship, you will need to clear out all the enemies inside, including the pilot who will be behind the cockpit door.

After all the enemies inside the ship have been killed, you may sit in the pilot seat, which will make the ship yours. (This is how you commandeer ships in Starfield)

Don’t forget to kill the enemies outside as well since they may have some loot on them, but this is completely optional.

Stealing From Allies

When it comes to stealing ships from allies, this could get you in some trouble and may piss off your companion if they witness what you do.

Allies who land will not be hostile towards you, but you can still take their ship although you may have to kill them for this to happen.

Sometimes you may find a ship that has landed in a certain area, and you may use a Digilock to lockpick the ship and claim it as your own. (This can even be done in the presence of others)

How To Keep Stolen Ships?

You may notice that if you head back to your home ship and leave the one you commandeered, it will not appear in your list of ships.

This makes it necessary to fly the ship or simply take off but that will make it your new home ship and you will need to head back to a port to land.

Once you are at a port at a settlement, you can speak to a Ship Service Technician to see your ships and choose your previous one as your home ship.

How To Sell Claimed and Stolen Ships?

To sell a ship that you have commandeered by claiming or stealing a ship, you will have to first have it registered.

This will cost you a certain amount of credits and once that is done, you will be able to sell it by speaking to the Ship Service Technician.

Select the option to see what ships the technician has for sale and you can swap to your ships and select which ones you want to sell. (It is not worth that much since you pay to register them)

How To Register a Ship?

If you have commandeered a ship, you won’t be able to do much with it until it has been registered, meaning you can’t build or sell it. (You can still make it your home ship)

Registering your ship is also done with the Ship Service Technician and you will see the option to do so once you speak to him and view your ships.

There is a cost to register your ship, and this depends on the overall value that it has, making a profit from selling it not that high.


While stealing a ship may seem like a big deal, it is quite easy if you can clear enemies inside of a hostile ship. (Sometimes they are at a higher level than you)

Stealing a ship from an ally may get you in trouble but you can try different ways and do a Quicksave just to be sure.

Eventually, you may want to have multiple ships to build your fleet as you can assign certain people that you meet to be a crew on them.

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