Starfield Cooking Guide (How to Cook & Learning New Recipes)

Cooking in Starfield can be a big help when you need to consume food that can heal you as well as provide additional effects.

There is a lot of food that can be cooked by your character, and all of these can be useful, especially when you have certain skills leveled up.

The best thing of all is that early in the game, you gain access to ways to cook, which you can do as you progress through the game.

Cooking food in Starfield at cooking station

How To Cook?Cooking menu

Cooking can be done at Cooking Stations such as a Galley, which you will need to interact with to bring up the cooking menu.

Once the menu is open, you will be able to view what consumables you may craft (cook) in the cooking station and may select the one you want and craft it at a certain quantity.

The food that you may cook depends on the resources that you have, which includes the ones on your ship if you have a cooking station. (Recipes depend on your Gastronomy and Research)

How To Learn New Recipes?New recipes unlocking

Unlocking new recipes can be done by researching them at a Research Station and you will find the options under the Food and Drink.

Once you have researched a certain project, a new set of food and/or beverages will be available for you when you craft at a cooking station.

You will initially be able to research some of the Food and Drink Projects but to continue learning more recipes you will need to upgrade your Gastronomy Skill.

How To Increase Gastronomy Skill?Leveling up the Gastronomy Skill

If you want to unlock more food and drinks to craft at a cooking station, the research for different projects must be done and those need to be unlocked as well.

To do this, you may level up the Gastronomy Skill, which will allow you to craft more recipes after you have researched them at a Research Station.

The Gastronomy Skill provides the following:

  • Rank 1 – Craft specialty food and drinks
  • Rank 2 – Research and craft gourmet food and drinks
  • Rank 3 – Research and craft food and drink delicacies
  • Rank 4 – Research and craft exotic recipes (food and drinks sometimes don’t use resources)

How To Improve Food and Drink Effects?

Some of the food may seem to be less useful and you may sort out to only consume the ones that provide better boosts and regeneration.

This all changes once you learn the Nutrition Skill, which provides you with more effectiveness from consuming Food and Drinks.

The Nutrition Skill provides the following:

  • Rank 1 – 10% increased Food and Drink effectiveness
  • Rank 2 – 20% increased Food and Drink effectiveness
  • Rank 3 – 30% increased Food and Drink effectiveness
  • Rank 4 – 50% increased Food and Drink effectiveness


Food and Drinks play a big part in the game if you know how to use them wisely since they provide you with another way to regenerate your health.

While munching on a bunch of food won’t get you much at first, the Nutrition Skill will help and even improve other effects.

The different effects that you get from consuming certain types of food or drinks can be a game changer in many situations.

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