How To Increase Carrying Weight in Starfield

In Starfield, you can grab a lot of items from almost anywhere, and with all the loot that is left lying around, you are bound to always have full pockets.

Unfortunately, every item has a certain amount of weight, which may become an issue for your character if you have too much in your inventory.

The best way to allow your character to hold on to more items is to increase your carrying weight, which can be done in multiple ways.

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What is Carrying Capacity?

Your carrying capacity, which is known in the game as MASS, determines how much you can carry and is a sum of the weight of all the items you have.

You will often start with a small amount of MASS available, but this can later be increased, and you will be able to carry more.

If your current items go beyond the amount of weight you can carry, this will cause your character to consume more oxygen, which even happens when they walk.

You will also be unable to fast travel as long as you are carrying too much, and this eventually causes you to take more time when it comes to moving around as you will always be tired.

How To Increase Carrying Weight?

There are multiple ways for you to increase your MASS and this can be done with the following methods listed below.

1) Weight Lifting Skill

Weight Lifting Skill

Under your Physical Skills, you can learn one called “Weight Lifting” and this provides you with additional MASS and even more.

The Weight Lifting Skill provides the following:

  • Rank 1: +10 kilograms
  • Rank 2: +25 kilograms
  • Rank 3: +50 kilograms
  • Rank 4: +100 kilograms and gain 50% resistance to stagger

2) Apparel

Some of the clothing that you may find or purchase may have certain stats and one of these is a small addition of 5 kilograms. (It is not much but it is something)

While this may be only a small addition, clothing is not much of a big deal most of the time aside from its base stats.

3) Food and Medicine

Consuming food and medicine to increase your carrying capacity

There are different food items and medicine that can be consumed which provide you with additional carry weight for a certain amount of time.

These can be a big help when it comes to rushing back to your ship to store items or to avoid getting stalled while transporting your loot.

Making Companions Carry Your Items

While this is not a way to boost your Carry Limit, this is a good way to help you bring items back to your Ship, Outpost, or other storage.

You can speak to your companions and ask them to trade, which will allow you to transfer your items into their inventory and vice versa.

This is a good way to put off a lot of waiting as companions have almost as much Carry weight as your character does.


It can be hard to toss away valuable loot and the more inventory you have, the more you will be able to carry but this is not always enough.

You should remember to stash things before heading out or when you are looting, you can dump everything into a container and come back for it.

The more you progress into the game, the more you will realize what loot is useful and this will later help you when it comes to maintaining your carry weight.

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