Starfield Character Creation Guide (Backgrounds, Traits & Face)

When you first start in Starfield, you go through a short tutorial that teaches you how to move around and even mine ore before your character passes out.

It is only after the tutorial that your character wakes up and is questioned if they remember anything about themselves, which leads to the Character Creation part.

Character Creation allows you to choose your appearance as well as your Background and Traits, which are the initial build for your character.

Starfield Beast Hunter Character

Starfield Character Creation

1) Biometric ID

The Biometric ID is the first part of the Character Creation, which has you choose a preset face that you can later modify.

There are multiple faces for you to choose from and you don’t have to worry about the other features because you can change them later.

This is merely a starting face for your character, which you will be able to alter once you are done picking out your body type.

2) Body

After choosing a face to start with, your next step in the Character Creation process is to set up your character’s body.

This includes how thin, muscular, or heavy they are, which can be adjusted with a slider between the three types.

You may also change your character’s body type (regardless of the face you choose) as this will determine their gender.

Walk style is tied to body type as there are 2 options, a masculine or feminine style of walking, which can be used by any gender.

3) Face

Once you are done with setting up your character’s body, it is time to move on to their facial features as you can modify the way they look.

It is worth mentioning that Skin Tone may be altered in both the Body and Face sections of the character creation, allowing your character’s shade of skin.

You will be able to adjust other features such as head shape, hair, hair color, facial hair, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, and more for your character’s face.

4) Backgrounds

Choosing your background is the most important part of the Starfield Character Creation because this provides you with your starting skills.

Each Background consists of 3 starting skills, allowing you to choose between combinations based on what you define your character’s past to be.

The following are the Backgrounds and the Skills provided:


Skill 1Skill 2

Skill 3

Beast Hunter



Bounty Hunter

PilotingTargeting Control SystemsBoost Pack Training


Combat Medic

Pistol CertificationMedicineWellness
Cyber RunnerStealthSecurity






GangsterShotgun CertificationBoxing



GeologySurveyingWeight Lifting

Research Methods

Long Hauler

Weight LiftingPilotingBallistic Weapon Systems



AstrodynamicsGeologyResearch Methods




Boost Pack Training

Space Scoundrel

Space ScoundrelPilotingPersuasion


File Not Found



5) Traits

Traits are an optional addition to Character Creation as these allow you to select up to 3 different modifiers that will permanently affect your character.

Each modifier has a positive and negative effect on your characters, which makes it important to adjust to it later in the game.

The following are the different traits that you may select in Character Creation:

  • Alien DNA – Increased Health and Oxygen but healing and food effects are lessened.
  • Dream Home – Starts you with a luxurious home but requires a weekly mortgage to be paid.
  • Empath – Performing actions that companions like affects combat effectiveness.
  • Extrovert – Uses less oxygen with a companion and more when alone.
  • Freestar Collective Settler – Gain access to special dialogues and rewards but gain increased crime bounties from other factions.
  • Hero Worshipped – An “Adoring Fan” often appears and later joins your crew, who later provides you with gifts.
  • Introvert – Use less oxygen when alone and more with a companion.
  • Kid Stuff – You can visit your parents any time you want but will send them 2% of your credits weekly.
  • Neon Street Rat – Gain access to special dialogue options and better rewards from mission on Neon but Crime Bounty is also greatly increased with other factions.
  • Raised Enlightened – Gain Access to a full chest of items in the House of the Enlightened but lose access to the Sanctum Universum Chest.
  • Raised Universal – Gain Access to a special chest in Sanctum Universum but lose access to the House of the Enlightened chest.
  • Serpent’s Embrace – Grav jumping provides a temporary boost to health and oxygen, but these are lowered if you do not frequently do them.
  • Spaced – Health and oxygen are increased in space but decreased when on the surface.
  • Taskmaster – Crew trained in a certain ship system have a chance to automatically repair them.
  • Terra Firma – Health and oxygen are increased on the surface but decreased when you are in space.
  • United Colonies Native – Gain access to special United Colonies dialogue options and better rewards from missions from them but gain higher crime bounty from other factions.
  • Wanted – Mercenaries will often try to kill you, but you deal extra damage when your health is low.

Finishing Your Character

After choosing everything that you want for your character, you will need to proceed by pressing the key/button that corresponds to the “Finish” option.

This will bring up the option to choose a name for your character as well if they are referred to as him, her, or they by other characters.


Creating your character may be one of the best parts of the game but sometimes a mistake made in this part can be regrettable later.

It’s best to check on each of the skills to make sure they will be able to add to your play style and that you are comfortable with what is provided.

When it comes to traits, these are not necessary but can provide you with an edge, especially if you know how to counter any negative effects in a way.

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