How To Lockpick in Starfield

If you are familiar with games from Bethesda that fall under The Elder Scrolls or Fallout series, you may have expected that Starfield will have lockpicking.

This can be done in certain parts of the game to provide you with access past a door or to unlock a storage object to give you access to its loot.

Lockpicking in Starfield is a bit different but also requires you to complete a minigame, which may be started if you have a Digipick in your inventory.

Lockpick Starfield

Using A DigipickDigipick Linked Safe

Once you have a Digipick, you will need to interact with the locked object, which will cause your character to look through its glass to begin lockpicking.

From here, you will need to match the rings with slots into the layers to fill them up to form a ring, which eventually has you going for the innermost layer.

After you have filled up all the layers, the object that you are lockpicking will be opened, allowing you to enter doors or open storage objects.

Keep in mind that you may fail if you insert the wrong slots into a layer, which requires you to use another Digipick to undo a mistake or to start over again.

Lockpicking Security LevelLockpicking Security Level

Each lock that you pick using a Digipick will have its security level and from the start, you will be able to begin picking your way at Novice Locks.

Higher-difficulty locks will require that you have higher Security Skills, which is one of the skills you can learn early in the game as you level up.

This requires you to put a point into the Security Skill for each difficulty that you want to lockpick, which is a good investment since there are a lot of locks to be picked.

You may find the Security Skill under the Tech Tree in your Skills Menu.

How To Get Digipicks?

Digipicks can often be found by looting areas, opening storages, or picking them up from enemies that you have previously killed.

You may also find Digipicks amongst the wares of certain vendors that you will encounter as you progress through the game.

As you continue to play, you will eventually get your hands on more Digipicks, which are best kept aside until you find more things to unlock.


Lockpicking can be a huge benefit when done right in the game as it can help you save time or gain access to certain goods.

Digipicks may sometimes become scarce if you are not careful or if you accidentally sell them to vendors since they are placed under MISC in your inventory.

Once you come across a locked object, it’s best to use your Digilocks to see what is inside because you will never know what goods you may get your hands on.

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