How to Dock At Space Stations & Ships in Starfield

A lot of exploration happens in Starfield and this doesn’t mean you will be limited to jumping from planet to planet, there are also encounters in space.

There will be times in the game when you need to head to dock at a space station or with another ship to enter them.

While this may seem to be difficult for some players, it is very easy to do and will go over the steps for both station and ship docking.

Starfield Planets

How To Dock in a Space Station?Starfield Space Station

When it comes to docking at a Space Station, you will need to lock on the station and approach it until you are 500 meters or less.

Once you are close enough, you don’t have to slowly align yourself or approach any angle because all you need to do is press the key/button to dock when the option appears.

You can lock on to the station at any range but the option to dock will only appear when you are within 500 meters, which means after that, you have all the time in the world to dock.

How To Dock With Ships?Starfield Space Ships

Docking with ships is similar to stations but there are certain instances where more must be done, such as taking out an enemy ship until it’s almost destroyed.

When it comes to an enemy ship, you will need to damage it enough until it has no more health, and this will cause its engines to fail.

You will then need to approach the ship until you are within 500 meters or less to make the dock option appear. (The same goes for friendly ships, you just need to approach them)

How To Undock in Starfield?

Once you are done with the space station or ship, you may return to your own through the docker entrance from where you first entered it.

After getting back onto your ship, head back to the cockpit and pilot the ship and you will see the option to undock from the station or ship you are connected to.

The game prevents you from fast-traveling/Grav jumping if you are still docked, which makes this an important step as you progress through the game.


There is a lot out in space that can be explored and docking to ships and stations is a great way to discover new things and find loot.

If you are docked, you will be able to access whatever your ship is connected to through the docker entrance on your ship.

Ships that are to dock with space stations and other ships need to have a docker and this can be added when you build it by speaking to the Ship Services Technician.

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