How To Get and Use Boost Pack (Jetpack) in Starfield

There are a lot of features in Starfield and one of them is the use of a Boost Pack, which some are referring to as a Jetpack in the game.

A Boost Pack allows a character to use certain features, mainly the ability to boost themselves while midair to cover more ground or to maneuver.

This can be helpful when it comes to reaching certain areas or repositioning yourself when you are fighting enemies.

Starfield Jetpack

How To Get a Boost Pack?

Boost Packs can be obtained in several ways, but you will most likely get your first one after completing the mission called One Small Step.

You can get Boost Packs from looting areas, picking them off dead enemies, rewards, or purchasing them from vendors.

There are different kinds of them as well, which alters the stats, features, and more for each type of Boost Pack that you can get.

How To Equip a Boost Pack?

To equip a Boost Pack, you will need to open your inventory and select the Packs section in your inventory, which should be the third one from the top.

Once you open the section, you will be able to see a list of all the packs that you have with you and may select the one that you want.

Keep in mind that not all packs are the same and it is best to test them out first if you are unsure of them before getting rid of the rest.

How To Use a Boost Pack?Using Jetpack

Just because you have a Boost Pack equipped, it doesn’t mean that you can already use it to propel yourself further into the air.

You will need to have the Boost Pack Training Skill learned but this is already given if you have selected the Soldier or Bounty Hunter Backgrounds during Character Creation.

Once you have learned the skill, you can use the Boost Pack by pressing space after jumping or while you are in midair to get another boost, like a double jump.


The more you level up the Boost Pack Training Skill, the more efficient using a Boost Pack will be, and this is a need for those who tend to use it to their advantage.

Boost Packs not only offer the ability to boost yourself into the air, but they can also come with different stats and bonuses depending on the rarity and what type it is.

The usage of Boost Packs is optional but there are a lot of benefits that you can gain from it, especially if you tend to explore or find alternate ways to get in and out of locations.

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