Aliens Following You to Settlements in Starfield

Just recently we were on our way back to the settlement in Jemison and upon landing in New Atlantis, we started doing the usual.

Quickly we deposited the resources in the ship and took out everything that we planned on selling but once we got off the ship, something strange happened.

Upon exiting the ship, something was lurking nearby and when we peeked outside, there was a Pack Coralbug to the side of our ship!

Alien Following You To Settlements

Can Aliens Climb Aboard Your Ship?

This has hardly been mentioned in the game but if you think about it, sometimes other creatures can become stowaways on a vessel.

This may explain how this Coralbug had gotten into New Atlantis but on the safe side, we were able to kill it quickly before any damage was done.

This still doesn’t answer if this is a mechanic in the game or simply a bug that had caused the creature to follow us after fast traveling.

How Did the Alien Follow The Ship?

There are two ways this could have played out, which would either be that the alien could have gotten onboard or had attached itself to the ship.

Another reason would be that this is just a simple game bug that might have had the alien follow our character if there was any aggro during the fast traveling.

If this was intended by the developers, a lot of players may be in for a surprise whenever they are not too careful when getting off their ships.


One thing is for sure, the civilians began to run like hell once this creature made an appearance, but it was focused on attacking our character.

This could have been merely just a bug, but we did get a good laugh out of it, and to our surprise, this creature had a lot more resources on it than most.

Regardless of being a bug or an intentional feature in the game, this alien gave us a good shock but killing it gave us even more rewards.

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