How to Deactivate Turrets in Starfield

In Starfield, you will come across enemies who utilize turrets as defenses, and these can sometimes pack a punch since they are more accurate than enemies.

Engaging both enemies and their turrets can lead to you taking a lot of damage or even getting killed during a fight, which makes it better to avoid them when you can.

Luckily, there are other ways to approach such situations as turrets are controlled by a system and if you find it, you can mix things up a bit.

Turrets Starfield

What Are Turrets?

Turrets are robotic units in Starfield that are often stationary and may detect enemies, which will cause them to continuously fire at them until vision is lost or the Turret is destroyed.

These can be found in several areas where an abundance of human enemies may be found such as when you encounter space pirates, bandits, cult followers, and more.

You may damage these turrets by shooting at them or hitting them and this will result in them exploding, allowing you to loot its ammo and other resources.

How To Deactivate Turrets?Disabling turrets using their system

Turrets can be disarmed (deactivated) once you get access to their system, which is often through a device that resembles a computer.

If you manage to sneak your way around or locate the Turret Control early on, you can turn off the turrets or better, turn them against your enemies.

Once you reach the Turret Control device, you will need to interact with it and select the options that appear to shut it off.

How To Make Turrets Friendly?Using turrets by controlling them

Instead of shutting off the Turrets in an area, you can use the device that controls them to change their targets, making them protect you instead.

This will instantly cause the turrets to become aggressive towards everyone who is not your or your companion, which applies to every turret in the area.

Controlling the Turrets in this manner gives you an advantage over enemies, which will allow you to easily clear them out.


While taking out a Turret can easily be done, you may still have to face all the other enemies, and this can make things even tougher.

It would be a good idea to shut them down or turn them against their owners to help even the odds when there are several enemies.

In a single base or camp, one system is all it takes to control the turrets and once you find it, your enemies are in for a surprise.

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