How to Grav Jump & Increasing It’s Distance in Starfield

There are many systems in Starfield and traveling simply by flying a ship will not get you to where you need to go in time as the galaxy is huge.

Luckily, Grav Drives were invented and are now used to enable ships to travel from one system to another in mere seconds.

Grav Drives cause a rip in space and time that allows ships to travel quickly from one location to another, which is limited only in distance based on your ship’s parts.

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What Does Grav Jumping Do?

Grav Jumping allows you to prepare your ship to travel a great distance, which is limited by your fuel capacity and Grave Drive.

After choosing a destination and activating the Grave Jump, your ship will quickly warp to the selected area within seconds.

This is one of the fast-traveling methods that are available (the other being on foot) for you when you are piloting your ship in a system.

How To Grav Jump?Starting Grav jump

To start a Grav Jump, open your menu when you are in space to bring up the system you are in and select back to view the galaxy.

You will be able to see which system you are in as well as the other ones around you, whether they have been explored or not.

Select the system that you would like to enter, and this will prepare the Grav Jump, which requires you to add at least one bar of power to its system while piloting it.

Grav Jump DistanceGrav Jump Distance

Grav Jumps are limited based on your Fuel Tank Capacity, which can be increased when you change or add fuel Tanks to your ship by visiting a Ship Services Technician.

Once you select a system to Grav Jump to, a course will be set, showing you the amount of Fuel That will be used, which means how far you can travel.

The further the system, the more Fuel You will need, or else you will have to travel from one system to another until you reach the one you want to go to.

Increasing Grav Jump Distance

To increase your Grav Jump Distance, you will need to add additional Fuel Tanks to your ship as this contributes to the overall distance you can travel.

If you have an outpost at the location where you are planning to make a Grav Jump, you will be able to travel a further distance if there is a certain structure built.

Additionally, learning the Astrodynamics Skill will provide you with the following bonuses:

  • Rank 1 – 15% jump range
  • Rank 2 – 15% reduced fuel cost
  • Rank 3 – 30% jump range and fuel cost
  • Rank 4 – 50% reduced fuel cost


Grav Jumping is an important part of the game as it is the only way for you to travel across the galaxy from system to system.

It can also be an effective way to escape a battle in space since you can select a destination and set a course to quickly Grav Jump away.

The better your ship parts, the further you can Grav Jump, allowing you to avoid having to go from system to system and instead skip a few along the way.

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