How to Open Stone Slab in BG3: Baldur’s Gate 3)

When you are exploring Druid’s Grove, you may have come across the Enclave Library found within the Emerald Grove.

This is a collection of books and experimentations done by the druids and is often where you have an encounter with Nettie.

There is something else hidden within though and this can be seen by the 4 Pedestals where 1 out of 4 slabs is currently missing.

4 Pedestals in the Enclave Library

How to Get Missing Slab?searching for the missing slab

If you check out the other pedestals, only one of them will be missing a “slab” or what it is called in the game, a rune.

The specific one that you will be needing is the Rune of the Wolf and this can be obtained from one of the druids found in the Emerald Grove.

You can get the Rune of the Wolf from Rath, who will give it to you as a reward for rescuing the druid Halsin from the Goblin Camp. (Shattered Sanctum)

Other ways to obtain the Rune of the Wolf would be to pickpocket the item or to take it after killing Rath but this would make you enemies with the druids.

How to Enter Hidden Vault?Entering the Hidden Vault

Once you have obtained the Rune of the Wolf, head over to the Enclave Library, and interact with the pedestal that is missing a rune.

You will need to combine the Rune of the Wolf with this by opening your inventory and dragging the item into the missing slot.

After combining them, the rune will be inserted, and you will need to interact with all 4 of them to open the Spiral Stairs.

Hidden Vault Loot

Entering the Hidden Vault will put you face to face with Sorrow, a Rare Glaive that has the ability to pull enemies with a special attack.

You also find an Uncommon Clothing piece called the Robe of Summer, which provides you with resistance against cold Damage.

Aside from Sorrow and the Robe of Summer, you can get your hands on the following loot as well:

  • Secret Societies of the Sword Coast: Exposed (Book)
  • 2x Potion of Greater Healing
  • 3x Potion of Animal Speaking
  • Elixir of Poison Resistance
  • Drow Poison
  • Wyvern Toxin
  • Antidote
  • Scroll of Hold Person
  • Scroll of Animal Friendship
  • Jade


Players will most likely discover the chamber earlier in the game and stray off their path to look for a way to get in but all you need to do is progress with the story.

Once you get back from rescuing Halsin, you will be able to obtain the rune that is needed to enter the hidden room to get the loot.

If you are playing as a character against the Druid’s Grove, you can still enter this chamber once you have looted the Rune of the Wolf instead, which can be done during the attack.

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