Rescue the Druid Halsin Quest: BG3 (Baldur’s Gate 3)

In your search for a cure, you turn up to dead ends with characters wanting to either poison you or experiment on you due to the parasite in your head.

There is one character that was mentioned to have studied the parasites, and this is a druid named Halsin but he has gone missing.

You will need to figure out where the druid has gone too and the last hint you got was that he was taken by the goblins.

You need to search for Halsin in Baldur's Gate 3 who knows how to cure the parasite in your head

How to Get Rescue the Druid Halsin Quest?

This quest can trigger in a few ways but one of the fastest ways to get the quest would be to search for Nettie as she will tell you about Halsin.

Earlier you learned from other characters that Nettie was the person to see as she was a healer but later she cannot help you and tells you about the druid.

Rescue the Druid Halsin WalkthroughCave Bear who is a Druid Halsin

To Rescue Halsin, you will first need to make your way to the Shattered Sanctum, which can be found inside the Goblin Camp.

You will need to make your way to the Worg Pens, which is where they are keeping a Bear and this turns out to be the druid.

This clue is hinted at if you save the man being tortured just to the right after entering the Shattered Sanctum after freeing him.

At this point, the best thing to do while you are in the Shattered Sanctum is to avoid fighting until you find Halsin, who is in the northeast part of the area.

Head through the door that leads to the Worg Pens and you will see some goblins torturing a Cave Bear (Halsin) and you may approach to stop this in any way that you please.

Once the enemies in the area have been cleared out, you may speak to Halsin to ask for help regarding the parasite but this doesn’t go so well.

He later offers to help you find the answers in exchange for helping him kill the goblin leaders, which will now be marked on your map.

You will need to kill Priestess Gut, Dror Ragzlin, and Minthara before heading back to Haslin, who will be happy about the news. 

Halsin tells you to meet Rath

Haslin will leave in Rat form and you will need to meet him at the Emerald Grove, which is where he begins taking control of everything once more.

He tells you to meet with Rath, who will provide you with a reward (Gives you a Wolf Tablet) that allows you to unlock a hidden room in the Enclave Library.

There will be a celebration at your camp later on and Halsin will talk to you in the morning, which allows you to proceed to the Moonrise Towers with him in your company.

Rescue the Druid Halsin Quest Rewards

After rescuing Halsin and completing the quest, you may continue venturing with Halsin who later can be a companion in your party.

Rath gives you a Stone Slab, which can be placed inside one of the sockets in the Enclave Library, leading you to a room of rewards.

One of the rewards is a Rare Glaive called Sorrow, which allows you to use the Sorrowful Lash (Transmutation Cantrip) when you wield it.


The druid accompanied a bunch of explorers but they were ambushed by goblins, causing the explorers to run off while Haslin was captured.

Through your efforts, he was able to make it back and bring peace into the Emerald Grove as it had been in disarray for some time.

Knowing that finding the source of the parasites is important, you and your group need to make it to the Moonrise Towers to figure out the next step of your plan.

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